My first time cheating on my husband

My husband was away on business for a week. As his job demanded him to attend meeting around the country. He flew out on the Monday morning leaving me and our 3 year old daughter at home. The Tuesday night while bathing my daughter the bathroom light blew, leaving us in the dark. It wasn’t a big issue but it was the only bathroom in the house that had a bath, the other only had a shower and with my daughter being young I preferred to bath her. And maybe it was a bit of an inconvenience for me to shower downstairs at night.

Anyway the Wednesday morning after dropping my daughter off at crèche at 7 in the morning I went to gym as normal, after gym the shops had opened. I bought some groceries and a new globe and headed home. As pulling into the garage I saw my neighbours son Nick was home. I decided to text him and ask if he could help me change the globe quick. He was 20 years old and in college. He replied back saying sure he’ll come over in about 20mins time, he just wanted to submit a report for his one subject. I decided to quickly hop in the shower and wash off the sweat from gym.

As I was drying myself the doorbell rang. I rushed to my cupboard and quickly put on a pair of tracksuit pants and a top before heading downstairs to open for Nick. I opened and greeted him, showing him where the ladder was and then made our way up to the bathroom. To my embarrassment as Nick walked into the bathroom commenting , sexy G string, I had left my gym clothing on top of the toilet seat with my blue lace G string right on top. I apologised for leaving it there and her flirtingly replied saying it was no problem and I’m sure it looks great on you. I blushed as he then set the ladder up and started to change the globe.

While Nick was standing on the ladder I found myself looking at his legs. They were shaved as the young men did it to impress the girls, his calves had a firm tight look to them as I stared away. He started climbing down and then turned to hand me the old globe when he asked if I was wearing a bra, embarrassed again I noticed that my nipples were showing through my top, answering to him that no I’m not, and blushed again. Nick laughed and said it’s fine and that it was a lovely sight. We headed back downstairs, nick putting the ladder away then going to wash his hands as I asked him if he would like something to drink. He said a cup of coffee would be great thanks.

He met me in the kitchen, and while the water was heating to boil I was putting the coffee and sugar away, he commented on my bum, saying it looked nice and tight. I turned to him and smiled and eventually said that this was a embarrassing couple of minutes for me. He laughed as replying saying that it made his day to see my nipples and G string, and I should not worry or be embarrassed. Which was hard not to be as he once again made a comment, saying I can see your sexy nipples. I blushed and told him I’m going quickly to put a bra on. He quickly stopped me telling me he’s joking and wouldn’t look there again.

The flirty comments about my ass and nipples made me feel good about myself, even tho I was a bit embarrassed from not thinking to put a bra on or tidy the bathroom. The coffee was made and we sat in the lounge and chatted, I kept looking at his legs and soon I asked nick if he gyms and trains his legs. He said he did and asked why, I told him that they were sexy. He asked if I would like to touch, which I politely decline, he then said come on I know you want to (which I actually did) I laughed at him and declined again, he then stood up and walked to me, putting his leg next to me on the couch and told me to touch it, there’s nothing to worry about. I eventually convinced myself that it was ok and I placed my hand on his calf as he flexed it. It sure was tight and smooth. And did feel good. He pull his shorts up to his groin, his thighs were toned and ripped as well. He took my hand and placed it jus above his knee telling me to feel and boi they were nice, and I felt slightly horny.

I removed my hand before I got to turned on and he moved his leg away, standing in front of me. He looked at with a smirk.
I asked him why the smirk.
He replied, now that you felt my legs can I feel your sexy ass.
No I replied in a laughing tone.
He said that’s unfair. Please can I it won’t be long.
I thought about it for a second as he said come on please.
I replied fine but jus for a few seconds.
I stood up in front of him and started to turn around when he stopped me by grabbing my arm.
I said and now?
He replied, I would like to do it like this: his left hand went down and around my waist placing it on my ass, pulling me into his body, his right hand placed on the side of my head as he looked me in the eyes. He slowly moved his face towards mine keeping eye contact. As our lips were about to touch, when i moved my head away and said no I can’t. His lips moved to my neck and he started placing soft kisses on and around my neck, soon sucking my ear lobe. He started making me a little horny. My hands were on his chest, which was also well built and firm, his lips started moving back to my lips. We kissed for a moment before I pulled away, I looked at him and started lifting his shirt, I took it off revealing his cut chest. (By now I was wet and horny and couldn’t resist any further) I turned him around shoving him onto the couch. I sat down on top of him and started kissing him. His hands lifted my top and soon it was off. He massaged my boobs feeling my hard nipples as we kissed.

He soon stood up lifting me as well and laid me down on the couch. His mouth met my hard nipples as he started sucking them. He moved away and down my belly, placing soft kisses and soon I felt his hands pulling down my pants. Off they came, he sat me on the edge of the couch, kneeled down and his head went between my legs. His tongue touch my clit sending warm shivers through my body. He started muffing me, licking up and down my pussy lips, occasionally sticking his tongue in. He suddenly move and only licked my clit, soon he made me orgasm sending my body into a trance.

After I finished orgasmning, nick stood up and I pulled his pants, his hard cock, I took it in my hand and mouth and started blowing him. I deepthroated him twice, feeling his cock at the back of my throat, when he told me he was about to cum. I moved back just leaving the head of his cock in my mouth, I jerked him off and soon he started to moan. I felt his cum shoot down at the back of my throat. He soon finished and I had no choice but to swallow. I thought that we would have been done but I was clearly wrong.

He pushed me back onto the couch, kneeled back down and placed my feet on his shoulders, he licked his middle finger and stuck it into my wet pussy bending it upwards and started massaging and rubbing my G spot, he soon entered a 2nd finger and started finger fucking me, he pulled his fingers out and with his thumb started massaging my clit, as I moaned, I felt his cock head at my at my entrance, he slowly entered me. Soon he was thrusting away. As he was fucking me he sucked on my hard nipples. He pulled out and soon I was kneeling on the couch my hands on top of the head rests, he push his cock into my pussy and started fucking me doggy style. He pounded away into me, spanking my ass as he did so. I soon orgasmed again while he was fucking me hard.

I eventually managed to slip away, his cock leaving my pussy, being very wet and extremely horny, I turned around and pushed him to sit on the couch. I sat on top of him and guided his cock into my pussy. I leaned down to kiss him, our mouths locked, tongues swapping saliva, his hands placed on my ass he started moving me back and forth. I soon moved away from kissing him and started thrusting back and forth, his mouth soon on my boobs biting on my right nipple. I was moaning from pleasure of his cock being deep in my pussy. My pussy became more and more wet the harder I rode him. Soon he lifted his head and started groaning and then I felt his hot cum hitting up into my pussy. He came shooting his 2nd load all in me.

Once he finished and stopped groaning from the pleasure of his orgasm. I leaned forward to kiss him and sliding my pussy off his cock. Our lips aparted and he said that was amazing and that I’m a great fuck.

He got dressed and I let him out, I headed upstairs to the bathroom, switching the light on then hopping into the shower again to wash the sweat and cum off me. Thinking about how nick turned out to be a good lay.
This was the first time of me cheating with my hubby with Nick.

First time cuckold

I am a 35 year old guy, married now for 6 years to Chloe. Chloe is a gorgeous brunette with a slim, toned figure which attracts admiring looks from other men whenever she is out and about. While I feel lucky to be married to such a stunner, I used to get quite jealous when Chloe would tell me how she’d been chatted up while at work or when out in town at nights but I trusted her and knew that she wouldn’t do anything behind my back.

A few months ago, I discovered Literotica and when reading stories from the ‘loving wives’ section, found myself getting really turned on by the tales of wives having sex with others, whether with or without their husbands knowledge. I became aware of terms like cuckold and creampie and I found that I was regularly fantasising about Chloe getting fucked by other men and then making me eat her pussy afterwards.

I have never had any bisexual feelings so I don’t know why the thought of eating another man’s sperm from inside my wife turned me on so much, nor why I would want to share my gorgeous wife with other men, but whenever I thought about these things I would become immediately aroused.

I didn’t mention anything to Chloe about these fantasies at first, although I started going down on her after I had came inside her and licking up my own cum, which Chloe loved. I also started asking Chloe to ‘share’ my cum when she sucked me off and she would always oblige, letting my cum drip from her mouth and into mine, before kissing me and swapping the salty fluid between each other.

Eventually I told Chloe of my fantasies and let her read a few stories of hot wives cuckolding their husbands and feeding them cum from their recently fucked pussy. Chloe was really turned on by the stories and we ended up in bed, talking about what we had just read; when I came inside Chloe, she straddled my face and opened her pussy wide, causing the cum to flood out and into my mouth.

As we lay in bed afterwards, Chloe asked me about my new revelation.

“So, you honestly would allow me to fuck other men and then you want to lick out their cum from me?” she asked.

“I’d love it honey, I know its bad but the thought just really turns me on,” I replied, “I would love you to come home to me, covered in love-bites and with the taste of cum on your tongue and full with another mans cum, and tell me all about what happened as I eat you out.”

“You are such a horny, dirty bastard,” laughed Chloe, “Well, I’ll keep it in mind and next time I see someone I like, you might get your wish.”

After that night, most times we had sex I would end up with a mouthful of my own cum while Chloe egged me on, telling me to ‘clean her dirty pussy’ or to ‘eat her lovers cum’, although outside of the bedroom, Chloe rarely mentioned my new fetish; I presumed that she just enjoyed the fantasy but was not up for making it a reality.

A few weeks later, Chloe sent me a text at work, telling me that I needed to get home on time as she was going out. I rang her back, asking where she was going and who with, but she just said we’d talk when I got back.

I got home just after 6 pm to find Chloe in the bath, shaving her legs.

“What’s going on then? Where are you going?” I asked her.

Chloe looked a bit sheepish as she replied, “You know your fantasy? Well, there was a really cute guy flirting with me at the mall earlier and I, well, I sort of gave him my number.”

This came as a total surprise to me as I honestly did not think Chloe would be up for going with someone else.

“Go on,” I said.

“Well, he rang me a couple of hours ago and he’s picking me up at the end of the street at 8 o’clock.”

I was gob smacked, but my shock was mixed with a stirring in my groin as I realised Chloe was serious about this.

“And you intend to let him fuck you?”

“That’s what you wanted isn’t it? If you’re changing your mind just say.”

I took hold of Chloe’s hand and moved it to my groin, so she could feel my growing hardness. “Does it feel like I’m changing my mind?”

“Mmm, well don’t get any ideas, you don’t get to fuck me till later and have your sloppy seconds,” she teased me, rubbing the outline of my cock.

Chloe told me to leave her to get ready, only calling me up to help her choose underwear and clothing for her meeting. She continued to tease me, asking me if I thought Jay, the other guy, would like certain items of clothing and whether he’d really want to fuck her if she wore this or that. I was so aroused it didn’t bother me, my dreams of having Chloe go with someone else were about to come true. As she dressed, Chloe told me that Jay was 25 years old and very attractive. She had told him she was married but that I was away on a course, and had made it clear she just wanted sex and not a relationship, which he was more than happy with.

Eventually she was ready, her makeup flawless and as usual, she looked stunning. She was wearing a summer dress and sandals, with white lace underwear beneath. She had initially considered going without knickers but had decided against it.

“Wouldn’t want all his cum leaking out of me before I get home,” she had explained, with a naughty smile.

I was still in a state of awe; here was my gorgeous wife, all dressed up but for someone else’s benefit, not mine. Still I wasn’t jealous at all, I just couldn’t wait for her to get home and tell me all about it.

Five minutes before he was due to pick her up, Chloe announced she was leaving.

“Make sure you wait up,” she said, “I love you babe, are you still okay with this?”

“Of course I am,” I replied, “I love you too.”

And with that, she left and I sat in front of the TV, trying but unable to stop thinking about my new found slutty wife. I was desperate to wank myself as I had pretty much had a hard on since I had got home, but resisted, wanting to save myself for later.

Just after 11 pm I got a text message from Chloe, ‘on way home, back in 10’.

I responded, ‘Ok, can’t wait ;)’.

Shortly after, I heard the keys at the front door and got up to open it. I was shocked, to say the least, when Chloe walked in followed by a good looking guy who I presumed was Jay.

“Change of plan,” Chloe said to me, kissing me on the lips. “This is Jay, Jay, this is Scott.”

This was an awkward moment for me as I shook hands with the guy who had, as far as I knew, just had sex with my wife, but Jay seemed relaxed and confident. Chloe told Jay to chill in the front room while she and I got some drinks.

In the kitchen I asked Chloe what was going on. She explained that Jay had took her to a bar on the outskirts of town but while interested in her, had felt uncomfortable being with another man’s wife. Eventually, Chloe had decided to come clean with him and although he was surprised at what she told him, he seemed more at ease. He hadn’t fucked her yet, but on the way home she had started to grope him and they had ended up pulling over so she could suck him off.

“Can’t you tell?” she said, kissing me and forcing her tongue into my mouth. I sucked eagerly at her, and could taste Jay’s cum in her mouth. “Don’t worry, the best is yet to come, if you’ll excuse the pun,” she laughed.

Gradually getting over my surprise at our new guest, we went into the front room and had a few drinks. Chloe sat next to him and I sat in a chair opposite, my cock solid as I watched my wife flirt with this young stud. The alcohol eased everyone there and not being one to beat around the bush, Chloe turned to me, “Well babe, how about we work on getting you your treat? You just sit and enjoy the show.”

She then turned back to Jay and kissed him on the lips, rubbing his erection through his jeans.

“Take them off,” she told him and Jay quickly removed his jeans and underwear, revealing an impressively sized cock, the pubes trimmed and his balls smooth, exactly how Chloe liked me to be.

Leaning down, looking at me as she did, Chloe gave his helmet a lick, tasting his pre-cum. She then straddled him as he sat back on the sofa and, pulling her knickers to one side, eased his cock into her pussy. Jay must have been about 9″ in length and she took it all inside her, moaning with pleasure as she did so.

“That’s it Jay, fuck your cock up my tight pussy. Tell me how good it feels.”

“You are one horny little bitch,” Jay replied, “I am so gonna fill you with cum.”

I watched as Chloe rode Jay’s cock, the two of them kissing passionately at some points or other times, Jay would be sucking at Chloe’s tits which he had released from her lacy bra. Chloe pulled him tight to her when he was sucking at her and I knew she would be marked, and no doubt a bit sore, in the morning.

“Come on Jay, give me your sperm, shoot your cum into my womb” cried Chloe as Jay hammered his cock up into her. She was clawing at his chest and seemed insatiable, meeting Jay’s thrusts, taking his length as deep into her as she could.

To his credit, Jay had some staying power. Chloe turned to me, “Come here Scott, stick your tongue in my ass,” she instructed. I got off the chair and knelt behind Chloe and, moving her knickers further out of the way, I started to rim her tight asshole. Jay’s cock and balls were just inches away from me, his balls sometimes hitting my chin when he thrust particularly hard.

“That’s it, get your tongue up me, I wanna feel it all the way in, ” Chloe urged and I did as she said.

I glanced up and Chloe was looking down at me, over her shoulder. The next thing she said caused me to stop in my tracks.

“Jay, tell my hubby to suck your balls, tell him to coax your fresh spunk into his wife’s pussy.”

I thought this would be too much for Jay, but what Chloe had failed to mention was that before they had come home, while in the bar, Jay had revealed that he was bicurious, although had never had a man on man experiences.

“Go on cum-boy, suck my balls, feel the cum getting ready to explode into your slutty wife,” said Jay.

Still I was unsure, this was not part of my fantasy but clearly it was one of Chloe’s. Sensing my hesitation, Chloe again turned to me.

“Get that mouth on his balls Scott, you get your fantasy, I get mine.”

Moving down a few inches, I tentatively licked at Jay’s shaven balls. He moaned in pleasure as I tongued his sack and then sucked on each of his balls. Surprisingly, I found myself getting into it, my hard on was aching for attention but I ignored my own needs, instead seeing to those of Chloe and Jay, desperate to make this stud cum so I could eat his spunk from my wife’s cunt.

Chloe was riding Jay hard and suddenly cried out that she was coming. Jay sped up in response and Chloe kissed him passionately as her orgasm ripped through her. Seconds later Jay started to come as well and I felt his balls tighten in preparation.

“That’s it bitch, take my cum into your slutty pussy, you fucking dirty whore,” he yelled as he came.

His filthy talk was a real turn on and I knelt back and watched as his cock throbbed, knowing that Chloe was getting a full load of fresh creamy cum delivered deep inside her. Jay continued to thrust and I could see the base of his cock covered in his slimy fluid; once he’d finished coming Chloe moved off his cock and sat next to him on the sofa, her legs spread.

“Here you go bitch, eat my lovers hot cum,” she said to me.

I pulled her knickers off and studied her swollen gash, her clit was erect and Jay’s cum was beginning to ooze out. Moving closer I could smell the musky smell of her and Jay’s mixed fluids and licked at the cum that was now starting to run down towards Chloe’s ass. Jay’s cum tasted different to my own but I lapped it up greedily, then began to probe my tongue deep into Chloe, sucking out the cum of another man. Chloe’s hands were on the back of my head, pulling my face into her pussy, her and Jay’s fluids covering my face.

I glanced up and could see Chloe and Jay kissing, their tongues probing each others mouths as he groped at her tits. Chloe’s legs spread wider, encouraging me.

“Look at him Jay, eating cum like a dirty whore,” I heard her say, “Why don’t you get behind him and give him the fucking a dirty bastard like him deserves?”

Now this was getting out of hand. I stopped licking and looked up at my wife.

“Chloe…” I began to object.

“Just get back to eating me, you’ve got what you want now I get to see what I want,” she said, pushing my head back between her legs.

Jay got up and went behind me, unfastening my jeans and pulling my clothing down to my knees. I went to object again but Chloe just told me to ‘eat up’. I felt Jay probing my ass with his tongue and was surprised at how good it felt. Despite myself, I used a hand to push my jeans and underwear off completely so I could spread my legs.

I couldn’t believe what was happening, an hour ago I was just a heterosexual man with a fetish for cum and now here I was, on my knees in front of my wife, licking up Jay’s sticky mess from her pussy while he tongued my ass. The strangest thing was, I was enjoying every second of it.

Jay replaced his tongue with a finger, then two, as he worked to loosen my virgin ass. I pushed back against him and his two fingers slipped all the way into me, I could feel his knuckles at the entrance to my hole.

“You like that babe? Having your ass fingered, just wait till he gets that monster cock in you, you’ll love it,” Chloe commented to me. I didn’t answer, just concentrating on her pussy and waiting in anticipation for Jay’s cock.

Suddenly I felt Jay’s helmet against my ass and couldn’t help but tense up.

“Relax,” said Jay, “Just fucking take it like the cum eating man-whore you are,” and at that, he pushed himself into me.

The pain initially was blinding and I pleaded with him to withdraw, but Chloe reprimanded me.

“Just get down and eat your sloppy seconds,” she said, “That’s it Jay, give it to him hard, ignore what he says.”

Jay grabbed my hips and started to thrust in and out of me. Slowly the pain subsided as my ass got used to his size and I actually began to enjoy the feeling of being full of cock. I began to push back against Jay, getting his cock completely up me until I felt his balls against my own.

“Look Jay, he’s enjoying it, my husband is a complete slut!” she said, “Tell him you want more Scott, beg him to shoot his cum up your ass.”

“Yes, please fuck me harder, give me an ass full of cum,” I begged, looking around at Jay.

I could no longer concentrate properly on Chloe’s pussy, and she took over, fingering her clit just inches from my face.

“Oh yes, this is so hot and you two are such fucking whores,” moaned Chloe, “Oh yes, I’m gonna come as I watch my husband getting fucked up the ass.”

Chloe’s body shuddered as the orgasm hit her, Jay in the meantime had sped up his thrusts and I sensed he was close to coming as well.

“That’s it Jay, stick it in deeper, shoot your cum into my ass,” I gasped at him, “Fill me with your hot sperm.”

Jay made a moaning sound and stopped thrusting; his cock plunged as deep into me as he could. I felt it twitching inside me and then the warm feeling as his cum spurted into my ass.

“Go on Jay, shoot your cum inside my slut husband,” Chloe said, recovering from her own orgasm but still fingering herself.

Jay thrust his now softening cock in me a couple of times and I could hear the squelching of his cum inside my now not so tight ass. He slowly pulled out of me, leaving me feeling empty.

“Oh fuck, Scott, you’ve got cum leaking out your ass, eat some for me babe,” Chloe instructed me.

Without a seconds hesitation, I reached around to my ass and, using two fingers, scooped up some of the cum that was at the entrance to my stretched hole. Looking up at Chloe, I brought my fingers to my mouth and licked the sticky mess of them, tasting the musky taste of my ass mixed with Jay’s fluids.

“You are such a dirty bastard,” giggled Chloe, “Now, suck Jay’s cock clean, we can’t send him home with a dirty cock can we?”

Jay knelt next to me, holding his cock in his hand. I licked at his helmet and then took his cock as far into my mouth as I could. Chloe moved behind me and I felt her mouth at my ass, eating me clean of any remaining spunk. I couldn’t believe my wife had turned like this, then again, I would never have thought that I would one day be sucking on a cock that had been in my own ass just minutes ago.

I worked on Jay’s cock, hoping it would go hard again, but to no avail.

“Sorry, that’s me done,” he laughed, “You two are gonna have to satisfy each other.”

Chloe stopped licking at my ass and got up, walking to Jay and then kissing him on the mouth, giving him a taste of his own juices.

“Thanks Jay, my husband needed that,” she said, “I knew from the minute he started eating his own cum that he needed a good ass fucking!”

“So, you fancy meeting again sometime?” Jay asked us as well all started to dress again. “I’ve gotta say, you two are the horniest fuckers I’ve ever met!”

Chloe looked over at me and answered for us both, “How about next Friday?” she said, “And if you’ve got any friends who wanna join in, the more the merrier.”

As we stood there, my ass throbbing from the anal assault by Jay, my face still smeared in both their juices, I realised that life for us, as far as sex was concerned, was going to change big time. It seemed that Chloe and I shared a fetish – getting fucked by a hard cock and, to be honest, I couldn’t have been happier!

The End.