My first time cheating on my husband

My husband was away on business for a week. As his job demanded him to attend meeting around the country. He flew out on the Monday morning leaving me and our 3 year old daughter at home. The Tuesday night while bathing my daughter the bathroom light blew, leaving us in the dark. It wasn’t a big issue but it was the only bathroom in the house that had a bath, the other only had a shower and with my daughter being young I preferred to bath her. And maybe it was a bit of an inconvenience for me to shower downstairs at night.

Anyway the Wednesday morning after dropping my daughter off at crèche at 7 in the morning I went to gym as normal, after gym the shops had opened. I bought some groceries and a new globe and headed home. As pulling into the garage I saw my neighbours son Nick was home. I decided to text him and ask if he could help me change the globe quick. He was 20 years old and in college. He replied back saying sure he’ll come over in about 20mins time, he just wanted to submit a report for his one subject. I decided to quickly hop in the shower and wash off the sweat from gym.

As I was drying myself the doorbell rang. I rushed to my cupboard and quickly put on a pair of tracksuit pants and a top before heading downstairs to open for Nick. I opened and greeted him, showing him where the ladder was and then made our way up to the bathroom. To my embarrassment as Nick walked into the bathroom commenting , sexy G string, I had left my gym clothing on top of the toilet seat with my blue lace G string right on top. I apologised for leaving it there and her flirtingly replied saying it was no problem and I’m sure it looks great on you. I blushed as he then set the ladder up and started to change the globe.

While Nick was standing on the ladder I found myself looking at his legs. They were shaved as the young men did it to impress the girls, his calves had a firm tight look to them as I stared away. He started climbing down and then turned to hand me the old globe when he asked if I was wearing a bra, embarrassed again I noticed that my nipples were showing through my top, answering to him that no I’m not, and blushed again. Nick laughed and said it’s fine and that it was a lovely sight. We headed back downstairs, nick putting the ladder away then going to wash his hands as I asked him if he would like something to drink. He said a cup of coffee would be great thanks.

He met me in the kitchen, and while the water was heating to boil I was putting the coffee and sugar away, he commented on my bum, saying it looked nice and tight. I turned to him and smiled and eventually said that this was a embarrassing couple of minutes for me. He laughed as replying saying that it made his day to see my nipples and G string, and I should not worry or be embarrassed. Which was hard not to be as he once again made a comment, saying I can see your sexy nipples. I blushed and told him I’m going quickly to put a bra on. He quickly stopped me telling me he’s joking and wouldn’t look there again.

The flirty comments about my ass and nipples made me feel good about myself, even tho I was a bit embarrassed from not thinking to put a bra on or tidy the bathroom. The coffee was made and we sat in the lounge and chatted, I kept looking at his legs and soon I asked nick if he gyms and trains his legs. He said he did and asked why, I told him that they were sexy. He asked if I would like to touch, which I politely decline, he then said come on I know you want to (which I actually did) I laughed at him and declined again, he then stood up and walked to me, putting his leg next to me on the couch and told me to touch it, there’s nothing to worry about. I eventually convinced myself that it was ok and I placed my hand on his calf as he flexed it. It sure was tight and smooth. And did feel good. He pull his shorts up to his groin, his thighs were toned and ripped as well. He took my hand and placed it jus above his knee telling me to feel and boi they were nice, and I felt slightly horny.

I removed my hand before I got to turned on and he moved his leg away, standing in front of me. He looked at with a smirk.
I asked him why the smirk.
He replied, now that you felt my legs can I feel your sexy ass.
No I replied in a laughing tone.
He said that’s unfair. Please can I it won’t be long.
I thought about it for a second as he said come on please.
I replied fine but jus for a few seconds.
I stood up in front of him and started to turn around when he stopped me by grabbing my arm.
I said and now?
He replied, I would like to do it like this: his left hand went down and around my waist placing it on my ass, pulling me into his body, his right hand placed on the side of my head as he looked me in the eyes. He slowly moved his face towards mine keeping eye contact. As our lips were about to touch, when i moved my head away and said no I can’t. His lips moved to my neck and he started placing soft kisses on and around my neck, soon sucking my ear lobe. He started making me a little horny. My hands were on his chest, which was also well built and firm, his lips started moving back to my lips. We kissed for a moment before I pulled away, I looked at him and started lifting his shirt, I took it off revealing his cut chest. (By now I was wet and horny and couldn’t resist any further) I turned him around shoving him onto the couch. I sat down on top of him and started kissing him. His hands lifted my top and soon it was off. He massaged my boobs feeling my hard nipples as we kissed.

He soon stood up lifting me as well and laid me down on the couch. His mouth met my hard nipples as he started sucking them. He moved away and down my belly, placing soft kisses and soon I felt his hands pulling down my pants. Off they came, he sat me on the edge of the couch, kneeled down and his head went between my legs. His tongue touch my clit sending warm shivers through my body. He started muffing me, licking up and down my pussy lips, occasionally sticking his tongue in. He suddenly move and only licked my clit, soon he made me orgasm sending my body into a trance.

After I finished orgasmning, nick stood up and I pulled his pants, his hard cock, I took it in my hand and mouth and started blowing him. I deepthroated him twice, feeling his cock at the back of my throat, when he told me he was about to cum. I moved back just leaving the head of his cock in my mouth, I jerked him off and soon he started to moan. I felt his cum shoot down at the back of my throat. He soon finished and I had no choice but to swallow. I thought that we would have been done but I was clearly wrong.

He pushed me back onto the couch, kneeled back down and placed my feet on his shoulders, he licked his middle finger and stuck it into my wet pussy bending it upwards and started massaging and rubbing my G spot, he soon entered a 2nd finger and started finger fucking me, he pulled his fingers out and with his thumb started massaging my clit, as I moaned, I felt his cock head at my at my entrance, he slowly entered me. Soon he was thrusting away. As he was fucking me he sucked on my hard nipples. He pulled out and soon I was kneeling on the couch my hands on top of the head rests, he push his cock into my pussy and started fucking me doggy style. He pounded away into me, spanking my ass as he did so. I soon orgasmed again while he was fucking me hard.

I eventually managed to slip away, his cock leaving my pussy, being very wet and extremely horny, I turned around and pushed him to sit on the couch. I sat on top of him and guided his cock into my pussy. I leaned down to kiss him, our mouths locked, tongues swapping saliva, his hands placed on my ass he started moving me back and forth. I soon moved away from kissing him and started thrusting back and forth, his mouth soon on my boobs biting on my right nipple. I was moaning from pleasure of his cock being deep in my pussy. My pussy became more and more wet the harder I rode him. Soon he lifted his head and started groaning and then I felt his hot cum hitting up into my pussy. He came shooting his 2nd load all in me.

Once he finished and stopped groaning from the pleasure of his orgasm. I leaned forward to kiss him and sliding my pussy off his cock. Our lips aparted and he said that was amazing and that I’m a great fuck.

He got dressed and I let him out, I headed upstairs to the bathroom, switching the light on then hopping into the shower again to wash the sweat and cum off me. Thinking about how nick turned out to be a good lay.
This was the first time of me cheating with my hubby with Nick.

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