Trying the BBC

At the time I was 22 married. I was quiet, unobtrusive, never stated an opinion, I had a full figure, my lame breasts slirn body, strong thighs with
slirn ankles and secretly [I didn‘i realize at the time] a very strong sexual urge, which men seemed to pick up on.

We were out one nigtit having a good time. A few bars and a few drinks later and a group of us turned out of this bar at closing, Son of family, but
not closely related and a couple of other guys. I wasn’t drunk or anywhere near it.

By this I mean I was aware of all that subsequently follows in this storyl The group drifted haphazardly along the pavement with me at the side of
my husband, Within the group one man, I think his name was Karl who turned out to be about 19 years my senior and coloured, casually put his
arm amund my waist and drew me on to oneside and into a doorway. By the time we were in this doorway, the whole group and my husband
seemed oblivious to me not being with them any longer

The guy with me pulled me slightly back letting the others go ahead and then without warning, gave me a kiss right on the lips. I had never been
kissed by a black guy before. My chest started to pound as in my innocence, I expected just some quick kisses and to be back within the group in
virtually no time at all, It Just didnt occur to me that as blatant an act could last anymore than seconds or minutes! a Excited though I was, I felt
scared that my husband would realise and come back before the event had stopped and there would be a confrontation!

Minutes passed as he kissed my lips (Which I admit I responded too) Em my neck now was getting kissed and made me tingle especially as he
tickled my earlobes with his tongue! My mind while being effected by this show of affection suddenly refocused as within this petting his hands
started firstly smoothing my bottom & very quickly soueezing my cheeks while pulling me much closer into his front.

Being winter, I had a twopiece suit on, but even with that and his trousers there was no mistaking what I could feel against my belly, it wasnt soft
eitherl a One hand started wandering now and as tho’ to keep me pressed against his penis he held more tightly on to my burn while his other hand
smoothed from my hip onto my groin. Between liking and panic, my brain done nothing to stop what he was doing. As his hand now smoothed my
belly/upper thigh. ‘We are to open here” he said and he eased me from the doorway and down the adjacent lane for about 20 yards into a corner
of a leaf entrance.

I’m not that dumb! I realised he had more than just a snog in mind, heavy petting was tingling between my legs as he again with me pinned in a
corner went to work on my neck. His cock was even more pronounced as it now pressed hard against my groin and belly. I felt him now feeling up
under my blouse having opened the buttons on my suits tunic. I was eyen tempted now to help him as he tried to force his hands up under my hra‘
but his kissing made me ignore helping as I felt my bra’ ping and both his hands grasp both my now exposed tits.

ExperIIy he tweeked my breasts making my oreoles crinkle which I very consciously felt happening. 7 “you have really big tits- he said. The little
time my mouth wasn‘t being kissed allowed me to giggle as he started to open the buttons on my blouse. I became oblivious to time as he now
suckled my hardened nipples. My toes tingled in my shoes as first one and then the other of my tits got suckedl

My skirt was being eased up my thighs allralrlhersame time as his hands now seemed to be everywhere They weren‘t that cold, but now
smoothing my naked thigh I could feel my vagina responding I was getting wet. As if he knew, he stopped sucking and kissed me as though he
was desperate and knew my mind was pondering as to if I stop him now or let him cany on. Then, suddenly his hand pushed into my knickers and
he started fingering my pussy. He easily opened me and feeling inside me as he thumbed my clitoris.

I half heartedly put my hand down to push his hand away, but like magic my hand touched a very warm rock hard black one ‘ust as it in turn
touched my belly where he‘d pushed my knickers to one side. I just couldnt stop from opening my legs as he pulled at my knickers trying to make
my vagina‘s slit easier for his cock to reach.

I clearly felt his fingers trying to Vee to open my pussy in an attempt to penetrate me. Itold him it was time to stop and I really should go back to my husband. But he was having none of that knowing full well he had me just where he wanted me. He kissed me hard and his hand forced harder at my pussy.I knew how wrong this was but Ihad to admit Iwas very turned on.Iwas a married woman with a young baby at home and here Iwas in a doorway in a dark alley with my tits hanging out, my legs parted and a total black stranger stood between them. My heart was racing and my legs weretrembling. He kissed me again knowing all the time my defences were dropping.

I had my arms up around his shoulders as he kissed me and once again I felt his fingers attempting to open my pussy lips. This time I had weakened and my half hearted talk of needing to return to my husband had stopped. He knew it and took f ull advantage if the opportunity. I felt him part my lips, Kissed me full on the mouth pinning me up tight to the wall. I felt his body moving into position and with any delay thrust hard. Instantly Icried out, My arms clenched tight around him and my legs lost all there strength. His Cock was huge. He pushed up into me again and again Icried out. OMG. Ihad just found out it was very true what they say about black guys.

My legs fell openwide as he thrust again and hit bottom. My pussy stretched around his monster cock. He now had me just where he wanted me and boy was he going to make the most of it. He started to power fuck my pussy like Ihad never been fucked before.Harder and harder Ijust screamed as he really went at me. As he tore into me Ipanted for breath as my pussy tried to accommodate his thick long black dick. Iheld on to his shoulders as each of his thrusts lihed me up the wall. Icould barely speak and just about managed to utter the words “Please Don·t shoot in me!” As he pounded at me Ifound the excitement so high Istarted orgasming.

I clung to him now as rapture aher rapture taunted my vagina and up inside my belly. All thoughts were now gone from my head about being married and a mother as he drove deep into me making my pussy fit his thick long cock. I was completely lost in the moment and then with a grunt, His cock started to pulse. I shouted ‘No No Don’t” but it was to late. He kissed me hard and held on to me legs tight as his cock flooded my pussy with his cum.

With a shock and through thro’ my trembling my husband was saying “Ah there you two are!” Ilooked up to see my husband watching all that was going on. Icouldn’t speak Ijust looked at him. My long legs still wrapped around the black stud that had just made me his slut. My husband stared and said “So Isee you like black cock”?

I felt Karl going limp and pulling out of my pussy making a slurping sound asit left my hole.His cum ran down the inside of my legs like a river. I wriggled to get my skirt back down regardles of the spunk Icould feel in my vagina. God if he tried a feelnow he’d have a handful of sperm. This thought made me tingle some more, Ifelt it was so dirty 1 How long had he been watching? or even, had he actually been watching at all ?

All this raced around in my mind as my seducer (Although with his back towards my husband) busied himself putting his black cock away without a word being said ! Ipushed my tits back into my bra’ then do up my blouse and costume top.

He watched, but said nothing. I knew I was trembling with guilt rather than fear at what the end result would turn out to be when he finally challenged me about what he must have knew I’d just done. We caught up with the group eventually and my husband said we would be heading home.

We grabbed a cab and there was an uneasy silence for a short while before he asked “Did he cum in you ?”. Ilooked at him knowing I had to be truthful. Ijust answered with a simple “Yes”.
He never uttered another word all the way home.

My first time cheating on my husband

My husband was away on business for a week. As his job demanded him to attend meeting around the country. He flew out on the Monday morning leaving me and our 3 year old daughter at home. The Tuesday night while bathing my daughter the bathroom light blew, leaving us in the dark. It wasn’t a big issue but it was the only bathroom in the house that had a bath, the other only had a shower and with my daughter being young I preferred to bath her. And maybe it was a bit of an inconvenience for me to shower downstairs at night.

Anyway the Wednesday morning after dropping my daughter off at crèche at 7 in the morning I went to gym as normal, after gym the shops had opened. I bought some groceries and a new globe and headed home. As pulling into the garage I saw my neighbours son Nick was home. I decided to text him and ask if he could help me change the globe quick. He was 20 years old and in college. He replied back saying sure he’ll come over in about 20mins time, he just wanted to submit a report for his one subject. I decided to quickly hop in the shower and wash off the sweat from gym.

As I was drying myself the doorbell rang. I rushed to my cupboard and quickly put on a pair of tracksuit pants and a top before heading downstairs to open for Nick. I opened and greeted him, showing him where the ladder was and then made our way up to the bathroom. To my embarrassment as Nick walked into the bathroom commenting , sexy G string, I had left my gym clothing on top of the toilet seat with my blue lace G string right on top. I apologised for leaving it there and her flirtingly replied saying it was no problem and I’m sure it looks great on you. I blushed as he then set the ladder up and started to change the globe.

While Nick was standing on the ladder I found myself looking at his legs. They were shaved as the young men did it to impress the girls, his calves had a firm tight look to them as I stared away. He started climbing down and then turned to hand me the old globe when he asked if I was wearing a bra, embarrassed again I noticed that my nipples were showing through my top, answering to him that no I’m not, and blushed again. Nick laughed and said it’s fine and that it was a lovely sight. We headed back downstairs, nick putting the ladder away then going to wash his hands as I asked him if he would like something to drink. He said a cup of coffee would be great thanks.

He met me in the kitchen, and while the water was heating to boil I was putting the coffee and sugar away, he commented on my bum, saying it looked nice and tight. I turned to him and smiled and eventually said that this was a embarrassing couple of minutes for me. He laughed as replying saying that it made his day to see my nipples and G string, and I should not worry or be embarrassed. Which was hard not to be as he once again made a comment, saying I can see your sexy nipples. I blushed and told him I’m going quickly to put a bra on. He quickly stopped me telling me he’s joking and wouldn’t look there again.

The flirty comments about my ass and nipples made me feel good about myself, even tho I was a bit embarrassed from not thinking to put a bra on or tidy the bathroom. The coffee was made and we sat in the lounge and chatted, I kept looking at his legs and soon I asked nick if he gyms and trains his legs. He said he did and asked why, I told him that they were sexy. He asked if I would like to touch, which I politely decline, he then said come on I know you want to (which I actually did) I laughed at him and declined again, he then stood up and walked to me, putting his leg next to me on the couch and told me to touch it, there’s nothing to worry about. I eventually convinced myself that it was ok and I placed my hand on his calf as he flexed it. It sure was tight and smooth. And did feel good. He pull his shorts up to his groin, his thighs were toned and ripped as well. He took my hand and placed it jus above his knee telling me to feel and boi they were nice, and I felt slightly horny.

I removed my hand before I got to turned on and he moved his leg away, standing in front of me. He looked at with a smirk.
I asked him why the smirk.
He replied, now that you felt my legs can I feel your sexy ass.
No I replied in a laughing tone.
He said that’s unfair. Please can I it won’t be long.
I thought about it for a second as he said come on please.
I replied fine but jus for a few seconds.
I stood up in front of him and started to turn around when he stopped me by grabbing my arm.
I said and now?
He replied, I would like to do it like this: his left hand went down and around my waist placing it on my ass, pulling me into his body, his right hand placed on the side of my head as he looked me in the eyes. He slowly moved his face towards mine keeping eye contact. As our lips were about to touch, when i moved my head away and said no I can’t. His lips moved to my neck and he started placing soft kisses on and around my neck, soon sucking my ear lobe. He started making me a little horny. My hands were on his chest, which was also well built and firm, his lips started moving back to my lips. We kissed for a moment before I pulled away, I looked at him and started lifting his shirt, I took it off revealing his cut chest. (By now I was wet and horny and couldn’t resist any further) I turned him around shoving him onto the couch. I sat down on top of him and started kissing him. His hands lifted my top and soon it was off. He massaged my boobs feeling my hard nipples as we kissed.

He soon stood up lifting me as well and laid me down on the couch. His mouth met my hard nipples as he started sucking them. He moved away and down my belly, placing soft kisses and soon I felt his hands pulling down my pants. Off they came, he sat me on the edge of the couch, kneeled down and his head went between my legs. His tongue touch my clit sending warm shivers through my body. He started muffing me, licking up and down my pussy lips, occasionally sticking his tongue in. He suddenly move and only licked my clit, soon he made me orgasm sending my body into a trance.

After I finished orgasmning, nick stood up and I pulled his pants, his hard cock, I took it in my hand and mouth and started blowing him. I deepthroated him twice, feeling his cock at the back of my throat, when he told me he was about to cum. I moved back just leaving the head of his cock in my mouth, I jerked him off and soon he started to moan. I felt his cum shoot down at the back of my throat. He soon finished and I had no choice but to swallow. I thought that we would have been done but I was clearly wrong.

He pushed me back onto the couch, kneeled back down and placed my feet on his shoulders, he licked his middle finger and stuck it into my wet pussy bending it upwards and started massaging and rubbing my G spot, he soon entered a 2nd finger and started finger fucking me, he pulled his fingers out and with his thumb started massaging my clit, as I moaned, I felt his cock head at my at my entrance, he slowly entered me. Soon he was thrusting away. As he was fucking me he sucked on my hard nipples. He pulled out and soon I was kneeling on the couch my hands on top of the head rests, he push his cock into my pussy and started fucking me doggy style. He pounded away into me, spanking my ass as he did so. I soon orgasmed again while he was fucking me hard.

I eventually managed to slip away, his cock leaving my pussy, being very wet and extremely horny, I turned around and pushed him to sit on the couch. I sat on top of him and guided his cock into my pussy. I leaned down to kiss him, our mouths locked, tongues swapping saliva, his hands placed on my ass he started moving me back and forth. I soon moved away from kissing him and started thrusting back and forth, his mouth soon on my boobs biting on my right nipple. I was moaning from pleasure of his cock being deep in my pussy. My pussy became more and more wet the harder I rode him. Soon he lifted his head and started groaning and then I felt his hot cum hitting up into my pussy. He came shooting his 2nd load all in me.

Once he finished and stopped groaning from the pleasure of his orgasm. I leaned forward to kiss him and sliding my pussy off his cock. Our lips aparted and he said that was amazing and that I’m a great fuck.

He got dressed and I let him out, I headed upstairs to the bathroom, switching the light on then hopping into the shower again to wash the sweat and cum off me. Thinking about how nick turned out to be a good lay.
This was the first time of me cheating with my hubby with Nick.

The beginning of a brief affair

I can still remember that day so very clearly, I can still hear the rain falling outside and the taste of the sweat on his skin. It was two months after my eighteenth birthday and I had been staying with friends during the school holidays, as I was working in another town a few hours away from home.

The day started out pretty much the same as every other. My supervisor picked me up at 5am and we headed off to work. We drove the hour or so that we drove each way every day, talking, flirting and teasing… it was harmless fun to pass the time I had assured myself – but I knew that there was an attraction between us, at least I was sure of my attraction for him.

My Supervisor was 25 years my senior and married, but for the first time in my life I felt a need, I felt the flush of my arousal race across my skin whenever I thought of him, I could feel myself moisten in expectation in the close confines of the ute every morning and each afternoon. I couldn’t explain it, or understand the attraction I had felt for him, I wasn’t sure if it was just that he was the first man that had actually treated me as a young woman instead of a child, or if it was just a case of a simple crush.

We arrived at work and met up with the other 6 people in our crew, and headed out to start the days jobs, but things quickly changed when the skies opened and we were caught out working in the rain. It was one of those storms that came from nowhere and left behind fallen tress and flash flooding. We all raced in different directions, most went back to their cars and a couple headed for a large tree, but the Supervisor and I were further away and headed straight for a small shed nearby to try and find some shelter from the rain and wind. We were unable to speak to one another, as the heavy rain drowned out even our thoughts as it collided with the tin on the small storage shed.

Every now and then I felt his eyes watching me, only to flick away once I caught him. It took a little while for it to dawn on me that I was standing there with my wet clothes clinging to my body, hiding nothing from his gaze. I turned instantly trying to hide my embarrassment from him, and moved towards the opening of the shed. Surprised at my own shyness I tried to understand why I had turned from him, hadn’t I wanted him to see me like that, to feel his eyes on my flesh, wasn’t this the very moment I had been dreaming about these past few months?

Lost in my thoughts, I jumped the second I felt his fingers brush along the length of my arms before they came to rest on my shoulders. After what seemed like an eternity had passed, his lips softly grazed my neck as his arms came around to pull me closer to his body. At this very moment, there was no longer any denial to the attraction that was between us – I knew I wanted him and I could feel his want pressing against my arse as he pulled me even closer.

The need coursing through my body took over as I pushed myself against him, a small moan passed my lips as his tongue began to trace the path of the rain over my skin, a burning desire clouding my thoughts as his hands slowly came down to cup my breasts. It was one of those perfect moments, as he held me and whispered in my ear how long he had dreamt of this, how many times he had thought of just taking me instead of taking me home each afternoon, and then just how much he wanted me and the things he wanted to do. I clung to him as I felt the first waves of pleasure rush over my body, just from his lips on my neck, and his hard cock pushing against my arse, as he whispered to me everything I wanted to hear.

Coming back down from my little high, I noticed that the rain had slowed and feared that this would signify the end of our encounter. And it was. Outside the shed we could hear some of the others that we worked with coming out of their hiding places, and the moment passed.

His hands fell away from me and he stepped back to rearrange himself before he headed out from our own hiding place. Just as he approached the door, he stopped and pulled me to him once more his mouth almost on my own…

“Next time, we will do this properly”

And then his lips were on mine. The passion that was building during this kiss threaten to engulf me, and the fires were fanned as he moaned into my mouth, but it seemed as soon as that kiss began it was over and he was no longer standing there in the seclusion of the shed with me.

The next hour passed in a blur, as the scene replayed in my head over and over again. The memory of his lips on my neck sent a blush across my skin. I checked to make sure no one was watching me as I didn’t want to have to explain what was going on, but I caught his gaze once again and a smile crossed those very lips that I was thinking of, my blush deepened and all I could hear was his laughter.

We surveyed the damage, and the decision was made that it was too wet to work so we all packed up for the day and were preparing to make our way back home again. I was nervous about the hour-long journey back to town, so I silently sat in the ute and kept my eyes straight ahead on the road. He seemed to understand my nervousness and kept quiet and never made an issue of it. We were 30 minutes from the outskirts of town, when he did finally break the silence.

“Do you want me too?”

It was a softly spoken question, almost hesitant and his eyes never left the road as he waited for my reply. I looked over at him, watching his fingers grip the steering wheel tighter and remembered the feel of them on my skin, and I knew I did. All I could do was nod and slide myself closer to him on the seat. A smile touched his lips once more as he put his arm around me. I was enjoying the closeness, and took the opportunity to drive him as crazy as he drove me earlier.

Watching the look of sheer concentration, his determination to keep his eyes on the road, I twisted myself around a little and as my lips met his neck, my hands found his zipper. I heard him tell me a couple of times that he was going to end up hitting a tree if I kept this up, but I seen this as a challenge – he told me before that he had wanted to pull over and take me on the side of the road, and I was trying to see if I could get him to that point.

We were now 15 minutes from town, and I had still not been able to get him to pull over. I wanted him so much at this point, that I just didn’t want him to take me home and pick me back up again in the morning, and with that thought in mind, I replaced my hand on his cock with my mouth. Within seconds I smiled to myself as I felt the ute slow and then stop on the side of the road. I never stopped, but I did feel him moving – trying to get something out of his pocket.

So there we were, parked on the side of the road… my head in his lap, one of his hands gripping my head and the other holding his phone as he tried to keep it together long enough to tell his wife that he would not be back in tonight as he got caught by a washed out bridge.

I swallowed his cum and she swallowed his lie, and then he pulled me back up beside him again, kissed me and turned the ute around. I looked at him questioningly and he explained that his family owned a farm about 2 hours away and that his brothers would not ask any questions…

They were finally alone

So my husband and I have not had a great sex life for years. I’ve always been attracted to my best friend’s husband, and for the past little while he’s been a huge comfort to me. This is what happened the last time they came to visit…


They were finally alone. The other two had gone to bed a little while before, and they sat on the couch, both acting as if everything was normal. She felt like the air between them was electric. It had been so long since she had felt his hands on her, and she craved his touch.

Finally, she got up the courage to ask, “do you think you could massage my lower back a little? It’s sore like all the time these days.” She chuckled nervously. He agreed. The moment his hands touched her back she felt her nipples harden, she looked down and could see them poking through her thin shirt. As he slowly rubbed and kneaded her back, his touch brought back a flood of memories associated with him. The first time he had massaged her neck, the moment on the couch in the basement when he’d made her cum (the first time anyone had done that for her in about ten years), the moment in the hotel room where she’d finally been able to taste him… All of these things came back to her and she relived them as he innocently rubbed her back. She closed her eyes and gave in to the pleasure he was giving her. As she did so, she felt herself growing wet, something he’s always been able to do to her.

She shifted her body slightly and he moved one leg up on the couch behind her. Both keeping one eye out for the sensor light that would warn of someone coming, they continued in this was for a while, enjoying this moment of sensuality. She longed for him to explore further. Her back began to arch and her hips thrusted involuntarily as her body begged him for more. Seemingly unaware of what she was doing, she began gently massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples. He’d always had this amazing ability to make her so hot, she felt like her skin was on fire.

He slipped his hands under her top. She stifled a moan and in her mind screamed out with wanting. Her lust for him was almost unbearable. She wanted to feel if he was hard for her. She shifted slightly backwards and found that he was. When she felt his desire, hard as a rock pressed up against her back, there was another instant gush of wetness. Her slick pussy seemed to be begging for his huge shaft to slide right in. Fill me up slowly, it seemed to say, I’m not sure if you can fit all the way, but I’ll make it easy for you to try.

She moved her hands to his upper thighs, bracing herself so she could slowly grind up against him. She seemed unable to help herself at this point, so full of desire she might explode at any moment. Finally giving into temptation he moved his hands slowly to her front, getting closer and closer until he was finally massaging her large breasts. The teasing was agony. She heard her breath heavy and hot, and she felt his quicken slightly as he breathed on her neck.

This was too much to bear. God she wanted him so bad it seemed set her whole body on fire. She reached down the front of her little shorts, and began rubbing herself through her soaking wet panties. As she did so, she felt his hardness flex a little more, and instinctively she reached behind her with her other hand and began stroking him through his thin pants. His hips thrusted forward in response, and she heard him start to breathe heavier and swallow as he pressed himself closer to her.

At this point she wanted so much more, but wasn’t sure how far she dared to go. She imagined herself being pinned roughly against the wall by him, taken from behind as he repeatedly thrusted his hard cock into her dripping lips. The next moment, she thought about how much she wanted to taste him again. She licked her lips as she thought of his delicious cum. Fuck she wanted to take him in her mouth and suck him, licking all over and not wasting a single sweet drop.

Maybe that they could risk. They had the blanket there, ready to cover up quickly if they heard any noise. He didn’t even need to pull his pants down, she could just shift them slightly and pull him out a little. She moved a little around so she was half facing him. She pulled out the blanket to get it ready and asked him, “please will you let me taste you again? We can be really careful. We can can go fast.” He hesitated only a moment, and pulled himself out. Again she felt the familiar wetness as she was able to put him in her mouth. God he tasted just as incredible as she remembered. She seemed to devour him. Fitting as much as she could in her mouth and throat, she covered the rest of his massive shaft with her hand. Sucking and stroking at the same time, she felt him pulse with desperate eagerness.

He reached down the front of her shorts and moved her sopping panties to the side. His fingers slipped inside her almost of their own accord, and he began massaging her inside, matching her rhythm. As much as they both wanted it to last forever, they were fervent in their desire, and hyper aware of finishing quickly. His creamy fingers pulled out as he began frantically rubbing her hard clit. In response to this new level of pleasure, she took even more of him into her mouth, greedily plunging him deeper and deeper down her throat. She moaned quietly with pleasure, sucking ever harder and faster. Then the words she’d been waiting for, “fuck I’m gonna go, I’m going to cum” he breathed. “Mmm hmm” she moaned hungrily with his hard cock still in her mouth.

And then she felt it. His sweet, sweet cum coating the back of her throat. And as she tasted him and felt his hand on her wet pussy, she let herself go and came at the same time. Her pace slowed. She stoked him a few more times, careful to draw out and devour every last drop.

They both sighed and relaxed, hastily covering up and moving everything back in place. She leaned on him for a few moments, recovering her breath and slowing her racing heart. She knew this rare treat was not likely to happen again soon, if ever, but she also knew she’d be able to relive this moment over and over again in the months to come, and for that she was grateful.