Sharing my hot wife

Once at our place, they both seemed awkward again and I could tell it was up to me to get things going. I started kissing my wife then took off her top. She had a very sexy bra I lowered to expose her tits. I started licking kissing and sucking one of her nipples, then told Jerry the other nipple looked lonely. He didn’t hesitate. He was on the other side of her loving on her nipple and his hand was under her skirt. I watched her legs spread after he removed her panties. He then got between her legs and started licking and sucking her pussy, “you have sexy huge pussy lips just like I heard about.” My wife moaned saying she’s always been embarrassed about how big they are. “I have something big for them,” Jerry said. We all laughed. My wife then said, “Let’s see it, I wanna see this cock I’ve heard about.” Jerry stood, his cock was bugling in his jeans and he pulled off his jeans and boxers his cock sprang up and down. Wife’s mouth dropped open and her eyes got huge. “OMG THATS A HUGE FUCKING COCK,” my wife said. Her response was just like mine, it was priceless. Her hand was quick to reach out and grip his cock, her fingers couldn’t touch, she said giggling. My wife was like a porn queen slut going crazy sucking his cock, I figured it would be best to sit back and let them enjoy each other and watch. Jerry took his time sucking and licking her pussy lips and clit till she climaxed then got between her legs. He knew I wanted to be close and watch her taking his cock and the expression on her face. He slapped his cock across her pussy and pressed it against her pussy lips shoving it in a couple inches making her moan and grunt. “Hey, let me get a lick in before you stretch her out.” We all laughed and I started sucking and licking her pussy. I could see his massive cock only a few inches from my face. He was obviously excited to fuck her and couldn’t wait. I was finishing up licking her clit when his cock started to move forward and entered her pussy. I started to raise up. He said, “you can lick her clit and I’ll fuck her.” I laughed saying, “next time I gotta see the look on her face taking your cock.” My wife pulled me to her and we started kissing, “thank you so much for loving me so much you would do this for me”. I told her I love her and to enjoy him. I told my friend to enjoy my wife and give her the best fuck he’s ever given any girl he’s ever fucked. I promise you I’ll enjoy fucking her and give her my best fucking ever. He started sliding inside her. Her mouth opened wide, she squeezed her eyes shut then opened them wide and her mouth opened wide as well. I was surprised his entire cock was inside her every thick long inch was inside her in just a couple minutes. … I expected it to take awhile she was grunting and moaning as he was sliding slowly in and out building his pace. Her hips started moving in rhythm with his and suddenly her body jolted and tensed up quivering. They held tight together my wife moaning and saying omg omg over and over her body jolting over and over. My wife screamed out over and over, “I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU,” and she started French kissing him. A rush of jealousy swept over my mind and body as they passionately made out her legs wrapped tightly around his back and his arms gripped around her tiny baby holding her close. Also the fact his 10 1/4” long cock that is on the thickest of man size cocks was buried inside her making her respond like this. The mixture of being turned on by it and knowing my wife and friend was enjoying each other swept through me. The jealousy eased and added to the turn on, their embrace was over 20 minutes and very passionate. They continued another event of him pounding her pussy harder this time, she was stretched out now. She took a rough pounding his cock viciously ramming in and out to another orgasm her crying as she professed loving him. Another passionate embrace lead to another when finally my friend squirted his third time inside my wife. She had already collapsed and he had been taking her after now, he pulled out his cock was dripping their mixture of cum. Her pussy no longer little was now gapped out hanging wide open filled with cum. It looked stretched out and worn out tired from the pounding he given it. Her pussy lips have always been very long and big, they where now swollen it looked so sexy. I started licking and sucking her pussy lips. She jolted, still very sensitive. I could taste the mixture of their cum in my mouth. It was intoxicating. I climb on top of her and slipped inside her easily, there wasn’t any friction. She smiled and we kissed. “He really stretched you out, I don’t feel you much,” I said. she giggled saying she couldn’t really feel me inside her. I said, “it’s ok, it’s worth seeing you feel so much pleasure.” She giggled saying the perks and pleasures for me enjoying a huge amazing cock. We slowly fucking making out, I felt her feet on my hips slowly pushing me on. I could see a hazy look in her eyes looking beyond me. I looked behind me, Jerry was standing there smiling, his cock was swollen rock hard. It looked thicker than ever before. He had a cock ring on making it swell the head of his cock looked like it was going to explode it was so full of blood. She had pushed me completely off of her she told me she loved me and begged Jerry to fuck her again. She giggled, “you’re even bigger now.” She was holding his cock shaking it like a little girl playing with a toy. I stood next to him she wanted to compare our cocks, a bit of embarrassment over came me as she giggled saying, “he’s so much bigger OMG LOOK HOW MUCH BIGGER HE ISN THAN YOU ARE NOW.” She slapped his cock across mine so hard over and over it started to hurt. I don’t know if it hurt him, neither of us complaining. The pain was mixed with pleasure and a bit of humiliation, something I realized I enjoyed, it was just fun watching her. She gripped his cock and said it feels heavy it’s so meaty. “Feel it,” she said to me, I desire to do so but a respect to see if it was ok with my friend to do. I looked at him, I didn’t know what to say. he just said, “it’s ok buddy go ahead.” I wrapped my hand around his cock. It felt very meaty like she said, my fingers couldn’t touch either. I do have small hands for a guy. I stroked his cock, it turned me on feeling what had just stretched out my wife leaving her gapping wide open, making her orgasm. My wife had never before had an orgasm during vaginal sex. I had given her many orally but like I would later ask and find out a thick cock during sex gives a better orgasm. I took my time stroking his cock feeling his balls. It didn’t feel gay just very intense like the whole situation. The only way to describe doing this is its very emotionally intimate and intense, you can’t describe the actual event as to how someone else is going to feel about it. My wife wanted his cock inside her again, begging me to have him fuck her again. I was more than excited to have him pleasure her again. He took her again this time even rougher making her orgasm again. She was in a bliss lost in their love making. I laid next to them fucking and would take my wife when he was done and recovering and she would push me off when she noticed he was ready for her again. It was an intake and amazing three days with only rest to eat, drink, and use the restroom we never put on clothing.

Trying the BBC

At the time I was 22 married. I was quiet, unobtrusive, never stated an opinion, I had a full figure, my lame breasts slirn body, strong thighs with
slirn ankles and secretly [I didn‘i realize at the time] a very strong sexual urge, which men seemed to pick up on.

We were out one nigtit having a good time. A few bars and a few drinks later and a group of us turned out of this bar at closing, Son of family, but
not closely related and a couple of other guys. I wasn’t drunk or anywhere near it.

By this I mean I was aware of all that subsequently follows in this storyl The group drifted haphazardly along the pavement with me at the side of
my husband, Within the group one man, I think his name was Karl who turned out to be about 19 years my senior and coloured, casually put his
arm amund my waist and drew me on to oneside and into a doorway. By the time we were in this doorway, the whole group and my husband
seemed oblivious to me not being with them any longer

The guy with me pulled me slightly back letting the others go ahead and then without warning, gave me a kiss right on the lips. I had never been
kissed by a black guy before. My chest started to pound as in my innocence, I expected just some quick kisses and to be back within the group in
virtually no time at all, It Just didnt occur to me that as blatant an act could last anymore than seconds or minutes! a Excited though I was, I felt
scared that my husband would realise and come back before the event had stopped and there would be a confrontation!

Minutes passed as he kissed my lips (Which I admit I responded too) Em my neck now was getting kissed and made me tingle especially as he
tickled my earlobes with his tongue! My mind while being effected by this show of affection suddenly refocused as within this petting his hands
started firstly smoothing my bottom & very quickly soueezing my cheeks while pulling me much closer into his front.

Being winter, I had a twopiece suit on, but even with that and his trousers there was no mistaking what I could feel against my belly, it wasnt soft
eitherl a One hand started wandering now and as tho’ to keep me pressed against his penis he held more tightly on to my burn while his other hand
smoothed from my hip onto my groin. Between liking and panic, my brain done nothing to stop what he was doing. As his hand now smoothed my
belly/upper thigh. ‘We are to open here” he said and he eased me from the doorway and down the adjacent lane for about 20 yards into a corner
of a leaf entrance.

I’m not that dumb! I realised he had more than just a snog in mind, heavy petting was tingling between my legs as he again with me pinned in a
corner went to work on my neck. His cock was even more pronounced as it now pressed hard against my groin and belly. I felt him now feeling up
under my blouse having opened the buttons on my suits tunic. I was eyen tempted now to help him as he tried to force his hands up under my hra‘
but his kissing made me ignore helping as I felt my bra’ ping and both his hands grasp both my now exposed tits.

ExperIIy he tweeked my breasts making my oreoles crinkle which I very consciously felt happening. 7 “you have really big tits- he said. The little
time my mouth wasn‘t being kissed allowed me to giggle as he started to open the buttons on my blouse. I became oblivious to time as he now
suckled my hardened nipples. My toes tingled in my shoes as first one and then the other of my tits got suckedl

My skirt was being eased up my thighs allralrlhersame time as his hands now seemed to be everywhere They weren‘t that cold, but now
smoothing my naked thigh I could feel my vagina responding I was getting wet. As if he knew, he stopped sucking and kissed me as though he
was desperate and knew my mind was pondering as to if I stop him now or let him cany on. Then, suddenly his hand pushed into my knickers and
he started fingering my pussy. He easily opened me and feeling inside me as he thumbed my clitoris.

I half heartedly put my hand down to push his hand away, but like magic my hand touched a very warm rock hard black one ‘ust as it in turn
touched my belly where he‘d pushed my knickers to one side. I just couldnt stop from opening my legs as he pulled at my knickers trying to make
my vagina‘s slit easier for his cock to reach.

I clearly felt his fingers trying to Vee to open my pussy in an attempt to penetrate me. Itold him it was time to stop and I really should go back to my husband. But he was having none of that knowing full well he had me just where he wanted me. He kissed me hard and his hand forced harder at my pussy.I knew how wrong this was but Ihad to admit Iwas very turned on.Iwas a married woman with a young baby at home and here Iwas in a doorway in a dark alley with my tits hanging out, my legs parted and a total black stranger stood between them. My heart was racing and my legs weretrembling. He kissed me again knowing all the time my defences were dropping.

I had my arms up around his shoulders as he kissed me and once again I felt his fingers attempting to open my pussy lips. This time I had weakened and my half hearted talk of needing to return to my husband had stopped. He knew it and took f ull advantage if the opportunity. I felt him part my lips, Kissed me full on the mouth pinning me up tight to the wall. I felt his body moving into position and with any delay thrust hard. Instantly Icried out, My arms clenched tight around him and my legs lost all there strength. His Cock was huge. He pushed up into me again and again Icried out. OMG. Ihad just found out it was very true what they say about black guys.

My legs fell openwide as he thrust again and hit bottom. My pussy stretched around his monster cock. He now had me just where he wanted me and boy was he going to make the most of it. He started to power fuck my pussy like Ihad never been fucked before.Harder and harder Ijust screamed as he really went at me. As he tore into me Ipanted for breath as my pussy tried to accommodate his thick long black dick. Iheld on to his shoulders as each of his thrusts lihed me up the wall. Icould barely speak and just about managed to utter the words “Please Don·t shoot in me!” As he pounded at me Ifound the excitement so high Istarted orgasming.

I clung to him now as rapture aher rapture taunted my vagina and up inside my belly. All thoughts were now gone from my head about being married and a mother as he drove deep into me making my pussy fit his thick long cock. I was completely lost in the moment and then with a grunt, His cock started to pulse. I shouted ‘No No Don’t” but it was to late. He kissed me hard and held on to me legs tight as his cock flooded my pussy with his cum.

With a shock and through thro’ my trembling my husband was saying “Ah there you two are!” Ilooked up to see my husband watching all that was going on. Icouldn’t speak Ijust looked at him. My long legs still wrapped around the black stud that had just made me his slut. My husband stared and said “So Isee you like black cock”?

I felt Karl going limp and pulling out of my pussy making a slurping sound asit left my hole.His cum ran down the inside of my legs like a river. I wriggled to get my skirt back down regardles of the spunk Icould feel in my vagina. God if he tried a feelnow he’d have a handful of sperm. This thought made me tingle some more, Ifelt it was so dirty 1 How long had he been watching? or even, had he actually been watching at all ?

All this raced around in my mind as my seducer (Although with his back towards my husband) busied himself putting his black cock away without a word being said ! Ipushed my tits back into my bra’ then do up my blouse and costume top.

He watched, but said nothing. I knew I was trembling with guilt rather than fear at what the end result would turn out to be when he finally challenged me about what he must have knew I’d just done. We caught up with the group eventually and my husband said we would be heading home.

We grabbed a cab and there was an uneasy silence for a short while before he asked “Did he cum in you ?”. Ilooked at him knowing I had to be truthful. Ijust answered with a simple “Yes”.
He never uttered another word all the way home.

Warming up together

Jace and I had walked around the block twice now, his icy fingers wrapped around mine served as a reminder to bring gloves the next time; it hadn’t been so cold when we left, but the sun was setting with its warmth following not far behind. We passed Misseltwaithe Drive again, turning right meant walking back home – not a far walk either, maybe 350 feet, left would take us down a dead-ended road where the high school sat empty for the weekend. It had been nice living so close to school, I don’t think I woke up before 7AM once since moving here. However, graduating had been even better. I decided on going left, it bought me just a little more time alone with Jace, and that was never a bad thing; my family liked him well enough, but maybe I’m a bit selfish. Another wintery gust of wind made me question my decision; but then, Jace stopped walking. Confused, I looked up at him, he cupped my cheek in his hand, brushing my hair behind my ear and pressed his lips against mine. I smiled through the kiss, his lips were cold, his breath warm – such a pleasant juxtaposition. I gently sucked on his tongue when he slipped it into my mouth. Our kiss ended much too soon, and we continued walking, but not before a couple staccato closed-mouth kisses.

We walked to the school in near silence, there wasn’t much left to say after hours of mindless chatter, I knew what was on his mind – we’d talked about it earlier in the week. I wanted to try it too, but being a virgin, I was nervous that I’d screw something up and he’d break up with me; he was a virgin also, or so he said, but I knew he’d dated a few girls in high school. We’d decided on this day, just as good a day as any I suppose, and I’d done my best to have a normal date despite my nervous anticipation. We walked around to the back of the school, there would be much less chance of getting caught there; the frontage road was blocked by a small grove, and the building itself served as shelter from any passersby.

We made out again on the back side of the building, I was pressed up against the blue doors which lead to the cafeteria. I hardly noticed the cold anymore, nor did I hear the traffic whizzing past on the highway, Jace’s hardy, quiet presence enveloped my senses as our lips and tongues joined in dance. My heart, working at nearly 300% capacity pounded in my head, pumping blood through my veins like an army’s advancing march, a march leading between my legs where a nice tingly warmth grew to an all-consuming hotness.

“Can I s-s-see it,” he stammered, breaking our kiss.

“Yes,” I said nodding, I had spent considerable time shaving last night, for the first time, because I’d read on Google that men like women to be hairless. I’d done an okay job I guess, but this morning the area was red with irritation, I prayed that it looked better now as I slipped out of my flats and rolled my tights down. By the time I’d gotten my tights off and my panties down around one ankle a minute – or less – had passed; it had felt like an eternity, ever more agonizing knowing that for the first time someone would see, and pass judgment on me. I pressed my weight against the door and slid down until I was sitting on the cement, I spread my legs and hiked my skirt up for him. I winced as I set my bare ass on that cold concrete – this would have been a lot more comfortable inside.

I didn’t quite understand the look on his face, it was something between deer-in-the-headlights mixed with shock and admiration, but I knew that not only was he a virgin like me, but this was probably his first time seeing a vagina outside of whatever porn site he liked. Knowing that I was his first, and remembering the girls he had dated before, was the highest compliment I had ever received; in that moment I felt like the most beautiful girl in all the world.

Jace sat between my legs and started touching me, it was awkward, he didn’t know how to do it, but I let him explore my body anyway. Thankfully I was able to ignore the awkwardness of his unfamiliar pawing at my vagina when he started kissing me again, I knew he’d get better at it over time, and we had the rest of our lives to spend getting to know one another’s bodies. I gasped when he slid two fingers into me; having been aroused most of the day they went in quite smoothly, however, he brushed right past the g-spot and pushed and pushed until he couldn’t get his fingers any deeper. He began thrusting them in and out as fast as he could, fast and deep, fast and out; I wrapped my arms around him and rested my head on his shoulder moaning softly. Jace’s touch did give me some pleasure, albeit, not as much as when I masturbated – then, I’d had a lot more practice; however, what was much more arousing was the thought of finally having sex, of knowing what it was like. I knew I would like it if it wasn’t good there wouldn’t be so many people on Earth, and I was ready.

“Jace, stop,” I said, pushing his hand away from me, “it’s too cold, let’s go home.” I dressed quickly, and we headed back towards the house hand-in-hand.

The house was empty except for my little brother Matt watching TV, Jace and I sauntered off to my room, closing the door behind us.

“I still want to,” I said, “but it was so cold.” Jace smiled, he must have been worried that I’d backed out of our arrangement. I kissed him deeply and squeezed at the crotch of his pants.

“Is it big,” I asked.

“Well,” he said, “I’ve never compared it to anything, but it doesn’t seem too big to me.” I unfastened his pants and zipper; I fell to my knees as I slid his pants and underwear to his ankles. He was hard as stone, and it looked big to me – maybe too big. My cheeks became red hot as I took the sight of him in, sex education in school had only ever shown cartoonish genitalia, I took him in my hand and began exploring his body; it was fascinating. I examined how his sack, which was saggy and wrinkly, connected to the smooth hard dick in my hand. I noted the little helmet shape of the tip, which was even softer than the rest of him. He hadn’t shaved like I had, I wasn’t sure how to feel about that.

I pushed him against my little sister’s bed and inched my way closer to him, once in a comfortable position I began stroking him slowly. His deep moans made me smile, I loved being able to please him, to think I was doing it right. I had never given anyone a blow job, and the idea seemed a little off-putting, I was sure I’d choke on it once he was halfway inside. Instead, I licked him. I started at the base, where his sack joined the shaft and licked up toward the tip, he liked that, and I giggled. I kissed the tip. Then I angled him down a bit and planted a row of kisses from the tip to the base on top; having him like this, hearing his reactions and feeling his cock pulse with each heartbeat turned me on, I licked him again and again, but I was too scared to put it in my mouth.

Once he was nice and wet, I began stroking him, his moans became low, breathy whispers of “oh God,” he also grew harder, which I couldn’t believe was even possible. I tried playing with his balls, which he loved, he gasped at my touch and yelped like a puppy. I was amused by his reaction, but it felt weird, so I stuck with just playing with his cock.

Still stroking, I looked into his eyes, “Are you ready?” I asked. He groaned in ecstasy and nodded his head; I stood up and pushed him back onto Reagan’s bed. I hiked my skirt and straddled him, knowing that by sitting on top of him I’d be able to get off pretty quickly if someone walked in. I didn’t stop to think about how it would leave him completely exposed, looking back it would probably have been pretty embarrassing. I was thankful that his erection stood nearly straight up, I took hold of it and slowly guided myself onto him, once he was fully in I put my arms around his neck and looked into his eyes. We were both smiling.

The feeling of Jace inside me is impossible to describe, it was my first time having a real penis, and it was hard, smooth, and soft. It pulsated inside, and it definitely felt way better than then handle of my wooden hairbrush. I’d tried a few different things to masturbate with, my fingers, sharpie markers rubber banded together, eventually settling on the hairbrush; but this was a whole new level of pleasure. I slowly rocked myself back and forth, up and down on him. My heart skipped a few beats when I heard the front door slam, I paused, listening. Reagan was home, and it sounded like her friend Josie was with her. Jace pushed himself up against me, I gasped and focused on the sex again. In the back of my mind, I knew we could get caught at any moment, and it made my heart beat faster, my cheeks and ears burned red with pre-meditated embarrassment. I knew we had to hurry, I didn’t want to get caught, but the risk of it all turned me on.

Soon I was moaning in Jace’s ear, tugging his earlobe with my teeth, and kissing his neck; I did anything I could to keep from being too loud as my body writhed with pleasure.

Suddenly Jace clenched his hands around my waist and held me in place against his hips, he panted heavily in my ear. I felt him spasm inside me, it was unmistakable, such violent pulsations. He’d come inside. When he finished, we looked into one another’s eyes as he caught his breath.

“Did you just..,” I began.

“I’m sorry, you felt too good.”

“I-its okay,” I said, climbing off. I straightened out my skirt as he got dressed; never in my life had I seen anyone get pants on so quickly.

“Holy shit,” he said, “that was amazing.”

“Yeah, I’ve never felt that good.”

“Thank you. I’ve waited for that forever…”

Just then Reagan burst through the door, announcing that dinner was ready before turning and heading right back out. Jace and I exchanged glances and burst into laughter.

“Oh my God,” I said, “that was so close!”

Counter Help

He bent her over and slid his cock in inch by inch. It took several times sliding it back out to get her pussy stretched enough to take his full 11 inches. . .the shaft glistening with her cum as he slid it back and allowed her to adjust her hips. Finally into her he began to fuck nice and slow.

He knew from experience fucking too hard too fast would ruin it, she would be in pain. Instead he worked her lil pussy sweet and slow, sliding it all the way until his balls slapped her spread lips. She was moaning and starting to push back as he fucked her, that was a great sign.

He knew she would be good as soon as he saw her. She had that “wild fuck” look to her. He and a friend came into the pizza parlor for a slice, little did he know he’d be getting a piece too. She was sitting by the register, chewing gum, looking bored. The place was almost empty, a couple of old men sitting and talking in one corner and a couple eating in the other.

His friend and he were both well over 6′ tall, both with short cut blonde hair, blue eyes, muscular build. They tended to look like an Aryan wet dream double header when they walked into a place. She had definitely taken notice of them and started to grin.

He grabbed her hair and pushed her face down on his friends cock as he slid all the way in to her pussy, making her deep throat his 9 inches. She was good, she swallowed them both up and purred for em. Taking her hair tight in his fist he guided her mouth up and down his friends cock, making her suck him like the good little cum slut she was.

Her pussy was so wet it dripped down her legs, she was getting ready. He started fucking her faster now, with a little more force. Her pussy stretched and took him and wanted more. Each time he banged into her all the way her ass rippled from the impact. She had just enough extra ass to make her a good doggy style fuck.

His friend played with her big hanging tits, pulling on her nipples as she sucked his cock. They both laughed and talked about what a good fuck she was. She was eating that shit up. The more they talked, the more she wanted to be the best piece of ass either of them ever had. Each time the cock slammed into her sweet pussy full force, she moaned and sent shivers up his friends cock in her mouth.

She had taken their order and brought their pizza pie in a very professional manner. They had eaten and talked and joked around, always seeing her watching them from the counter. She was grinning ear to ear and the could tell she had something in mind.

She brought them a refill pitcher of beer and sat down with them. The spoke for a few minutes but the real conversation was happening under the table. Her hands were grabbing at both their cocks unseen to the world around them, playing with them, letting them know, it was gonna be a good night. They were up for that.

They were both fucking her fast now, one used her pussy, the other fucked her face. She was cumming, had been for a few minutes, shaking, cunt dripping cum, moaning. They both tore loose on her and began to fuck her like they wanted. Her pussy was stretched enough that the big cock made her whimper in sweet pain as he buried it balls deep over and over. The cock in her mouth was giving her a preview, precum making her mouth taste salty and hot.

The other customers had left a while before when she came back to the table. She told them she had sent the cook home and was gonna lock up the door. They smiled and said OK and she turned to walk away. That was when they first noticed her little jean skirt was gone and she was only wearing the apron on the bottom. Her big sweet ass bare for them to watch.

She looked back and winked at em and locked the door. Pulling the shade down and bent over to make sure it reached the floor and then reached back and spread her cheeks wide for them to get a good open cunt view. Looking around her legs she watched them grinning at her and then walked back into the kitchen, promising to return soon.

Grabbing her hips he fucked her for all he was worth. This girl was gonna be sore tomorrow with the pounding her pussy was taking but he was beyond thinking about that. He watched her sucking his friend off and slammed into her again and again, harder and harder, getting so close to cumming.

She had returned as promised, nude, all smiles. She had sat again at the counter but now so that she could show off for them. Sitting on the stool she turned so that she was facing them and then began to play with her pussy and pull on her nipples. They watched her through a climax and then stood up and went to her, both opening their flies as they went, huge cocks pulled out for her to see.

She looked like she had struck the mother load at the sight of their huge erections. She licked her lips and dropped to her knees immediately and began to suck one and then the other, greedily rubbing them all over her face as she stroked them. They watched her sucking them both off for a few minutes until they were both rock hard and ready to go. Then they pulled her up and bent her over the counter.

His friend walked around to the other side of the counter and slid his cock into her greedy mouth. She started sucking him immediately with great wet sloppy sounds. He spread her cheeks and rubbed his cock head up and down her slit until her wet pussy was ready to start to be fucked.

His friend came first. He groaned and grabbed her hair too and fucked her face a couple of times hard and fast and then pulled out and stroked his cock, sending showers of hot sticky cum all over her face and big tits. She grabbed at his cock and shoved it back into her mouth and sucked the last of his cum out, swallowing it and sucking him deep down, begging for more cum.

He took care of that, growling he slammed his cock into her again and exploded. Gobs of hot sticky cum filling her pussy. He kept fucking and the cum squished out of her and dripped down her legs. He emptied his balls into her and pumped her a couple more times to watch the cum squish out. She collapsed as they both pulled out of her, laying across the counter, panting, grinning.