My wife and I go camping

When I married my wife Katie several years ago, I assumed I was marrying a sexually conservative girl. Katie had only slept with a couple boyfriends before me, and she was never very adventurous. Occasionally I would try some kinky stuff in the bedroom, but it would be obvious she wasn’t thrilled with it, and we would eventually go back to vanilla sex.

But a few months ago, we went on a camping weekend that really opened up a new horizon of sexual experiences for the two of us. It started with us both taking a long weekend off from work and setting out for a nearby mountain lake that we usually visit. We intended to spend a couple days alone with each other, swimming and hiking and unwinding.

Unfortunately, when we reached our usual spot near the lake, we saw a big tent was already set up. Nearby were three young guys, who looked in their early 20s, a few years younger than us.

I thought about going somewhere else, but Katie really loved that spot, so we decided to just go ahead and camp next to the guys. We got out of the car and walked up to them. “Hey, do you guys mind if we camp here, too?” I asked.

“Not at all, mate, go right ahead!” one of them said. He introduced himself as Trevor, and the other two guys as Craig and Jake. They were Australian guys who were backpacking around the United States on a months-long trip. I have no idea how they could afford such a long trip, but it didn’t seem appropriate to ask.

They were very friendly, and we ended up chatting with them as we set up our own tent. Of course, I couldn’t help but notice the way they were eyeing Katie. She was wearing jean cutoffs and a tight white tanktop that tightly hugged her chest, and they snuck glances at her tits as much as they could. Not that I minded. Katie is beautiful and I was happy that she was getting admiring stares from other men.

After we set up the tent, Katie and I went for a hike around the lake. When we got back in the afternoon, Craig and Jake had left for a hike up the mountain, and Trevor was sitting by the lake shore sunbathing. He told us we were welcome to have dinner with them that night, and we accepted.

In the meantime, Katie decided she was going to go for a swim while I finished setting up our own cooking gear. She already had her bikini on underneath her outfit, so she just started taking her outer layer off. Her bikini was a fairly conservative cut, and yellow with red polka dots, but I still watched her as she stripped down. Her full C-cup tits jiggled a little in the top as she pulled off her shirt and then as she wiggled out of her shorts. I could feel myself getting a little hard.

She saw me looking and smiled. “I’m actually a little worried about wearing this with those guys around. It’s not too revealing, is it?”

“Not at all,” I said. “If anything you could wear a smaller one!”

She grinned. “Calm down, big boy. Wait for later tonight…”

She winked at me and walked away to the lake, making sure to wiggle her ass for my benefit. She walked past Trevor, gave him a wave, and then walked into the water.

I turned my attention back to the grill setup, occasionally looking back to see Katie. She was doing lazy swims and dips, occasionally diving underwater and coming back up again. From my angle, I could see Trevor looking her way a lot, seeing her wet bikini clinging to her curves and watching the water drip from her body. Couldn’t blame him for staring, I thought to myself.

What happened next changed the course of the whole weekend. I was looking down at the grill when I suddenly heard Trevor say, “Whoa!”

I looked up and immediately saw what he was looking at. Katie had just come up from a dive and was standing up in the water. Somehow during her swim, her bikini top had pulled loose, and it was now plastered around her stomach. Her breasts were completely exposed.

She didn’t seem to realize it, either. She stood upright, rubbing water from her face, and then stretched her arms over her head to pull her hair together and squeeze water out of it. Her naked breasts swayed and jiggled with her movements, her soft pink nipples bouncing playfully around. Trevor just stared at her with a huge smile on his face. He had just met this hot girl a few hours ago and now he was seeing her naked tits on total display. He must have thought he hit jackpot.

“Hon!” I said loudly. Katie turned and saw my expression, then turned to Trevor’s wide grin, then looked down and saw what she was showing. With a shriek, she wrapped her arms around her breasts and turned around, away from us.

Trevor burst out laughing. “Yeaahhh, Katie!” he said, and started applauding as Katie grabbed her top and retied it. She turned back around, her face red.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry, I’m so embarrassed!” she said. She was blushing furiously, and almost looked like she might cry. She started running to the shore, clutching her top just to make sure it didn’t fall off again. I thought she might run to our tent and just stay there for the rest of the trip.

“Why are you embarrassed?” Trevor said. “That just made my day!”

She tried to walk past Trevor without looking at him, but he stopped her by saying something I didn’t hear. The two of them started talking. Whatever he was saying, he seemed genuine about it, and all of a sudden I saw Katie smiling through her blush. They kept chatting in a voice just low enough for me not to be able to hear. Her smile eventually turned to a giggle, then a couple of laughs. I don’t know what Trevor was saying, but at least Katie seemed not to be near tears anymore.

They were still talking when Craig and Jake suddenly ran up. “What was all that screaming?” Craig said.

“Oh, nothing, nothing,” Katie said. But she said it in a sing-song tone, in a way that I couldn’t tell if she was trying to stop the conversation or keep them asking.

“Definitely not nothing,” Trevor said, flashing a smile at Katie.

“Hush!” Katie said, smiling back at him.

“What? What was it?” Jake said.

“Nothing, I just…I just lost my top swimming, that’s all,” Katie said.

“Whoa!” Jake said.

Craig turned to Trevor. “Oi, and you saw her tits?”

“Best pair I’ve ever seen!” Trevor said.

“Stop it!” Katie laughed.

“What’e they like?” Craig said.

“Just amazing! Firm and round, like a movie star,” Trevor said. “You boys missed out.”

“Let’s have a look, then!” Jake said to Katie.

Katie laughed. “No way, it was an accident! You guys missed the show.” I noticed her calling it “a show.” She was handling it with a lot more confidence than I had thought she would.

We ate dinner with the guys that night, around their campfire. The topics ranged around, mostly small-talk, but every now and then would go back to Trevor having seen Katie’s tits.

“Wait, so her top was completely off?” Craig said at one point. “Not just a little moved?”

“Totally off,” Trevor said. “She just came topless out of the water like a fantasy.”

Katie turned red but laughed. I could see now how much she was enjoying the attention, even as she was embarrassed by it.

“What bad luck,” Craig pouted.

“YOU were the one who wanted to go hiking!” Jake said to him. “Now you cost us seeing the best boobs of our lives!”

“Why, God, why?” Jake cried out, looking upwards. Katie burst out laughing. I was impressed with how the guys were able to talk so openly about her breasts while still keeping the conversation funny and not creepy.

“But what about me, though,” Trevor said. “I’ll never see another pair of tits as good, isn’t that sad?”

“Oi, it is,” Craig agreed, raising his beer bottle. “Here’s to the poor man who is ruined for all boobies forever.”

Katie and everyone else raised their glasses, laughing.

After dinner was over and we got into our tent that night, Katie was very quick to initiate sex. Usually I need to warm her up to it, but this time she went straight to unbuckling my pants and got on top of me quickly.

We started having sex, but I could tell her mind wasn’t totally on me, so I decided to just openly discuss it. “It was kind of hot hearing all the guys talk about you flashing Trevor today.”

Her eyes lit up. “You’re not mad? I hope you’re not mad! I didn’t mean to!” she said.

“No, I know it was an accident. Were you upset?”

“I was a little at first…but all the attention was nice…” she said, her eyes getting dreamy.

“What did Trevor tell you after you got out?”

She closed her eyes, and softly moaned as she rode me. “Just…that I shouldn’t be embarrassed, and how nice my boobs are…he really liked them…”

“Did you like how they talked about you?” I egged her on. “All the attention they paid to your naked tits?”

She moaned harder. “Uh huh…did you like hearing them talk about my boobs?”

I paused for a second. “I did.”

We kept fucking for a few more seconds in silence. Then she said, “what if…what if it happened again? What if maybe the other guys got to see my boobs?”

I was a little surprised by this. “You want to show your tits to Jake and Craig?”

“No…maybe?” she said, but she rode me harder, clearly into the idea. “Would you mind?”

I actually didn’t. I knew my wife had fantastic tits, and as long as the guys kept their hands off, what did I care if they got to see them? Especially if it revved Katie up like this and made her more into other kinky stuff in the future.

“Would I mind what?” I asked as I started pushing into her harder. “Say it.”

She moaned again. “Oohhhhh…if those guys saw my boobs? If these guys we just met saw me topless? Would you mind that?”

She started riding me harder, I could tell she was about to cum, and so was I.

“What if my top fell off again, right in front of all of them-oohh! oh!-and they saw everything? They’ll know what your wife’s naked tits look like, they’ll see my bare tits OOHHHH!”

With a scream she started cumming. I came, too, as she rode me hard. For a few seconds we came together, until we finally collapsed into each other’s arms.

After a few minutes, I thought about asking Katie if she was serious about what she said, but she was already fast asleep.

The next morning, Katie and I made breakfast, showered at the camp showers, and then spent the day hanging around. The three guys were gone the whole morning, and it wasn’t until afternoon when they returned.

The charged atmosphere of yesterday seemed to have dissipated, and for a while the two groups kept to ourselves. Then a little after two, Craig came by.

“Hey, you guys want to go on a hike up the mountain? Trevor and Jake just want to sleep.”

I said that I wanted to take a nap, but maybe afterward the three of us could go. But then Katie said, “No, take a nap, honey, I’ll go hiking with Craig!”

“Are you sure?” I asked her.

“Yeah, I want to get some exercise!” she said. Then she looked at me and gave me a wink. I wasn’t sure what that meant.

Katie went inside the tent and came back out with a pair of shorts, some hiking boots, and a tight t-shirt over a bikini top. The two of them started walking up the hiking trail. They would be gone about three hours, I realized. Three hours with Katie and Craig alone, right after she had given me a wink. I was a bit troubled, but trusted her.

Still, I wasn’t quite able to take that nap I was hoping to. I laid down on the lakeshore grass and ended up just tossing and turning in the sun.

After a couple of hours, my phone suddenly beeped. I looked at it and saw that Katie had texted me. It was a photo of her, on the mountain summit, facing away from the camera and raising her arms to the sky. But what I noticed first was her bare back. She was wearing only her shorts! Her shirt and bikini top were nowhere to be seen, just a thin tan line.

Just then I got a text from her: “U like?”

I texted back: “yes very nice!”

She texted back: “Craig took it for me :)”

I hesitated for a second, then texted: “did he see anything more than that?”

After a very long minute, I got back a text that gave me butterflies in my stomach: “mmmhmmm… :)”

Then: “i will tell u about it tonite!”

Well, I wasn’t going to get any sleep after reading that. I got up and tried to settle my nerves for a bit. Jake and Trevor were up at that point, so I played cards with them for an hour until finally Katie and Craig walked up.

I immediately noticed that Katie was no longer wearing her bikini top under her shirt. In fact, it was almost obscenely obvious how freely her breasts were now jiggling and how her nipples were so clearly outlined. The other guys had clearly noticed as well, and were openly staring at Katie’s chest.

“How was the hike?” Jake said.

“Fun!” Katie said.

“VERY fun!” Craig grinned.

“Oi, what happened?” Trevor said. “You get a look at Katie’s jubblies?”

“Yeah!!” Craig said, and high-fived Trevor.

Katie laughed and slapped Craig in the shoulder. “Craig! That was a secret!”

“That’s my girl!” Trevor laughed.

“What?!” Jake said. “That’s no fair! Am I the only one who’s not gonna see them?”

“Shoulda gone hiking, mate!” Craig said.

“First I didn’t see them because I went hiking, then I didn’t see them because I didn’t go hiking?” Jake moaned as everyone laughed. “I hate these rules!”

I laughed along with the others, mostly because it would have been very embarrassing to everyone if I had looked upset. Occasionally one of them would look at me to make sure I wasn’t angry, and to tell the truth I wasn’t sure how I was feeling about all the ogling at Katie, but I didn’t want to ruin anyone’s good time.

Katie and I didn’t get a chance to talk about what happened until the guys left the campsite for a dinner in town that night. As soon as their truck drove off, I asked. “So, how’d that picture get taken?”

She immediately reached over and started stroking my cock. “God, I’ve been waiting all day to tell you! I’m so turned on, we have to fuck!”

I had never heard that kind of language from her before, it was startling. “Okay, sure, first tell me what happened!” I said.

She smiled. “Well, we started walking up the trail and just chatting. He told me a bit about where in Australia they’re from and where they’re traveling.

“After a while, I started getting warm, so I stopped and said, ‘hold on, I’m going to take my shirt off.’ And he whistled and said something like now the fun was starting, I forget what, but it was funny. So I took off my shirt and wrapped it around my waist so I was just wearing my bikini top.

“So we kept hiking and talking, and I can tell he’s looking at my boobs as much as he can, and it was a little hot how obvious he was and how he was trying not to be. Like the effect my boobs were having on him!

“So we keep walking, and then he starts saying that if I get warmer I can always take off more clothing, so I joke back that he could do it too. And so to be fair, he took off his shirt! He has a lot of muscles, honey!

Her voice got softer, and she fished her phone out of her pocket.

“So we reach the top, and I ask him to take a pic of me at the top, so he takes this one…”

She pulled up the photo app and flipped to a photo of her, standing at the summit smiling happily, in her sunglasses, wearing her bikini top and shorts.

“Don’t I look good?” he said.

“You do, very sexy,” I said.

“I told Craig I was going to send you this pic, but he suggested that instead I send you a sexier one, where I’m facing away but you can see that I’m topless! So I said, ‘you just want to see me take my top off!’ And he said he wouldn’t have to see anything, I could just turn around and take my top off, he’d take the pic, and then I’d put my top back on before turning around.

“Then he said that if I forgot to put my top on before I turned back around, he wouldn’t mind! He was joking, but I remember you said last night that you wanted me to show off a bit more…”

That’s really what SHE said, not me, but I let her continue.

“So I said that wasn’t likely, but it made me a little turned on to think about it. So I gave him my phone and I turned around…and I took off my bikini top…and sent you this one.”

She flipped to the next one, which was the one she sent me, her arms wide out to the sky, bare back visible to the camera.

“So Craig says he got it and that it looked great. And I hesitated for a quick second, because I just didn’t want to put my top on yet, and I think he sensed that, because then he said he had another idea for a pic. And he said it would be really sexy if I turned around and faced the camera but kept my boobs covered with my hands!

“And just thinking about being in front of him topless, with just my hands between his eyes and my boobies turned me on so much! So I did it! I turned around and he took another pic…”

She flipped to another photo. This was like the first one, with Katie facing the camera, in sunglasses. Except this time she had her hands cupping her bare tits like a bra. Her fingers were hiding her nipples but you could see everything else, and her tits bulged around her hands like they were trying to burst free. Her mouth was in the shape of a surprised “o” as if she had just been caught topless. It was an incredibly sexy picture.

“Isn’t it hot?” she said.

“Yeah, it is,” I admitted. “But I can’t believe you let yourself get photographed like that.”

“I know, I wasn’t sure at first, but it was MY phone, so I could always just delete it!” she said. “And I started thinking about Craig seeing me topless, and how Trevor saw me and how sexy and fun I felt afterwards…remember, honey?”

“I remember,” I said.

“So,” she said, biting her lower lip, “I told him to take another one and I dropped my hands.”

She flipped to the next photo. Her arms were now akimbo, hands on her hips, her bare breasts exposed to the camera. She had a wide grin on her face, even as she was clearly blushing. Her pink nipples were crinkly and hard, pointing up at the camera playfully. In the glow of the sun they looked plump and perfect.

“Wow…” I stammered. I wasn’t sure what to say. I know I had egged her on, but now I was realizing that it was one thing to see Katie accidentally exposed, and another to see her proudly baring her tits for another guy. It was erotic but confusing.

“His eyes got so big, honey,” she said, giggling. “He was even happier than Trevor, like a puppy dog. All just for seeing my boobs!”

“You really made his day, huh?” I said.

“Yep!” she said, happily. “I wanted to put my top back on, but he wanted to take some more shots, and I thought what the heck.”

She started flipping through a few more photos, all with her posing topless. In one she had her hands behind her head, in another she had them wrapped below her tits, pushing them up. One was her giving a peace sign with a goofy face, and another was her with her hands around her mouth, as if shocked that she was being photographed topless, her arms carefully framing her boobs so you could still see them pushed up against each other.

But then she flipped to one more photo, which made me shout, “Whoa, what’s that?”

It was a photo of Craig and Katie, together. They were in a side hug, Craig’s arms wrapped around Katie and bringing her tight into his side. Katie was turned slightly toward Craig, her right breast pushed into his chest.

“Oh, I forgot about that,” she said. “Craig wanted to take a photo with him in it, too, so I said it had to be on my phone so I had control over it. Don’t worry, I’m going to delete it!”

“Looks like he got some contact, too, huh?” I said. She must have sensed that the tone in my voice wasn’t as encouraging anymore.

“Oh, honey, it wasn’t anything,” she said, putting her phone away. “It was just fun! I put my top back on right after that. Okay?”

“…okay,” I said. I guess she was right, it wasn’t a big deal.

She started rubbing my dick. “Ooh, so hard again,” she smiled. “I can tell you like this…”

She practically leaped on me, yanking our clothes off. We weren’t even inside the tent yet, we were still out in the campsite in the open air. Having sex outside was always a fantasy of mine, so I waited until I had pushed my cock inside of her before I said anything.

“We’re fucking right out in public,” I whispered, as she rode on top of me.

“Mmm…I couldn’t wait, ooooh fuck me!” she said.

“What if the guys come back right now?” I said. “They’ll see you completely naked!”

She started moaning harder. “Oooooh nooo! They’ll see me naked! they’ll see your wife totally naked they’ll know what I look like naked oooooooh OHHHH!”

She started cumming, faster than she ever has. We fucked two more times that night, and fell asleep exhausted.

When I woke up the next morning, Katie wasn’t in the tent. I got up outside and saw that she was hanging out with the guys.

“Hey honey! Come over!” she said.

I washed up and walked over, in time to hear Katie and the guys talking about relationships. Apparently the guys were all casually dating but hadn’t found anyone serious, which made sense to me, I don’t see how they could just disappear for a trip to the USA otherwise.

The guys also announced that this was their last day, and they were catching a flight early tomorrow morning. As a goodbye, they asked us to join them again for dinner, and we agreed.

This was our last day, too, so we spent it relaxing. Around noon, Katie went swimming again, and I thought that she might take this opportunity to “accidentally” lose her top, but despite all the guys staring at her, she made sure her bikini stayed covering all the right places.

When she got out of the lake, dripping with water and her wet bikini clinging to her, the guys gave her a round of applause as she sauntered past them. She blushed again, but she was loving it.

She went into the tent and emerged a few minutes later in her regular clothes. Jake started booing.

“How come when I’m watching you your top stays on?” he said.

Katie playfully threw a twig at him. “Why am I always the one showing my boobs? You guys haven’t shown me anything yet!”

“Girls don’t want to see dicks!” Jake said.

“How do you know I don’t want to see yours?” Katie said, and Trevor and Craig started hooting. I was a little stunned at hearing my wife ask a man to show her his cock, but before I could step in, Jake said: “Alright, how’s this, then? First one to race to that tree back gets to see the other one naked!”

Katie looked at me. “Deal!”

I smiled. The guys didn’t know it, but Katie was a varsity-level runner, one of the reasons she had such a great tight body.

Jake and Katie lined up and waited for Craig to give them a countdown, then took off. In no time Katie took a commanding lead and never lost it. She beat Jake by a good twenty feet.

When she got back to the line she jumped up and down, gleefully clapping. Jake staggered behind her, gasping for breath.

“Beaten by a girl, Jake!” Trevor groaned.

Katie pointed at Jake’s pants. “Drop ’em!”

“I can’t believe this,” Jake groaned.

“Oi, turn around first!” Craig said. “That’s not something we want to see!”

“Yeah, give me a private show!” Katie said. “Private show!”

Jake turned around so that only Katie could see him from the front. In a swift move, he yanked his shorts down to his knees. Katie’s eyes went wide and she clasped her hand to her mouth and started laughing.

“Hey!” Jake said, laughing too. “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing, nothing!” Katie said, recovering. “Nothing at all. That’s very…impressive.”

“That’s more like it,” Jake said, pulling his shorts back up. “How about a return flash?”

Katie just smiled as she walked by him back to the group. “How about you win a race?”

After the day came to a close, everyone took a trip to the camp showers and got ready for dinner.

That night we all ate together by the campfire. After dinner, we set up a small radio to a local station, and the guys handed around a bottle of what they said was an Australian liqueur. It had a fresh, strawberry taste to it, so it went down easy, and we all drank from it freely. Katie and I also brought beers, so we shared those with them.

As the night progressed, we kept drinking and drinking. The dinner we had wasn’t very filling, so that didn’t help matters, either, and after a couple hours we were all pretty drunk.

The conversation bounced around here and there, until finally the guys ended up discussing their trip.

“We’ve been to LA, the Grand Canyon, and Austin,” Jake said.

“Austin was the best part so far,” Trevor said.

“I think the best part was seeing Katie’s boobs,” Craig said.

Katie broke into an embarrassed giggle.

“I stand corrected, you’re right,” Trevor said. “The rest of the trip was all rubbish before then.”

“You guys are the worst, I can’t believe I didn’t get to see them.” Jake said.

“You got to see my butt!” Katie said.

This was the first time I had heard of that. Craig and Trevor hadn’t heard of it, either, judging by their reaction.

“Oi, when was this?” Trevor said.

“In the outdoor showers,” Katie said. “Jake needed some soap so I let him come in to grab some.”

“I didn’t even need any soap, I just wanted to see you naked!” Jake said.

Katie squealed and threw a bark chip at him. “I knew it, you pervert!” she said, laughing.

“So you just walked in on her in the shower?” Craig said.

“I was desperate! But she was turned around so I just saw her from behind.”

“I knew what you were trying to do!” she said, and stuck her tongue out at him.

“How was it?” Trevor asked.

“Beautiful! Shaped like a little heart. She’s got such a great butt for a white girl.”

Katie laughed. “Thanks, I guess!”

“Almost as good as seeing her tits, you got enough,” Trevor said.

“What size are they?” Jake asked.

“What cup are you, Katie?” Craig asked.

“I’m not gonna describe my boobs to you guys!” Katie said.

“Large B, I would say,” Trevor said.

Katie fake-gasped. “I’m a C!” she said.

“Yeah, that’s what I would say,” Craig said.

“No way, they’re not THAT big,” Trevor said.

“They are! You just haven’t seen that many boobs to know!” Katie said. All the guys laughed and oohed at the insult.

Katie suddenly reached behind her back and under her top. “I’ll prove it, you jerk,” she said, and unclipped her bra.

At first, we all thought she was going to expose her breasts again, and there was a sudden tense silence as we all watched her. But after she unclipped her bra, she pulled the straps down from under her top, and then reached into her cleavage and pulled her bra out without the shirt having moved at all.

“Here, read the tag!” she said, and threw the bra at Trevor. I noticed it was one of her sexier ones, the kind she wears when she’s expecting it to be seen.

“I love how girls can do that, so sexy,” Jake said, as he sipped his beer.

Trevor checked out the bra, but everyone else’s eyes were now glued to Katie’s chest. Without a bra, her breasts jiggled freely beneath her thin gray tank top. Her nipples were so hard they were almost poking holes in it. In the glow of the fire, they looked unbelievably sexy.

“Alright, alright, you win, C-cup,” Trevor said.

“C-cup Katie!” Jake said.

“But they’re just barely a C, so you’re not totally wrong,” Katie admitted. “Right in between,” she said, and for emphasis, she cupped her boobs and released them, causing them to bounce and sway inside her top.

Trevor put the bra down next to him. “Hey, give it back!” Katie said.

“Give what back?” Trevor said. Katie laughed again.

Suddenly, she gasped and jumped up to her feet. “Oh, I love this song!” she said. She ran up to the speaker and raised the volume. It was a slow, sensual song, one of those that pop divas release every couple of years or so to assert their empowerment.

“Oh, man, what bird DOESN’T like this one?” Trevor laughed.

“Shut up!” Katie said. “I like it!”

She started dancing to the song. She was drunk, so it wasn’t very graceful, but it was a pretty girl dancing, so everyone got quiet. For a minute or two, we all watched her dancing. Everyone especially stared at her tits, which were now bouncing almost obscenely inside her flimsy top. The guys all had wide grins as they watched her breasts jiggle and sway with her body.

Katie herself was clearly enjoying the attention. Her eyes were mostly closed, but I could see her look over every now and then to see us staring at her. After a minute, she said, “come join me!” but no one got up.

“Come onnnnn…” she pleaded. She was slurring her words a bit now.

“We’d rather watch!” Trevor said.

“Watch whaaat?” Katie asked, in a singsong voice. “Watch thiiiss?”

She grasped the bottom of her tank top up and slowly started rolling it up, up above her belly button.

“Whoa, yeah!” Trevor said, and guys suddenly sat up.

Katie giggled at the reaction. She kept sliding the tanktop up, teasingly, slowly moving it up her flat stomach until it was just below her breasts.

Then she stopped, still dancing with the top rolled up her midriff. She moved her hands away, the top staying where it was.

Craig groaned. “Don’t stop!” he said.

“Think of poor Jake!” Trevor said.

“Yeah, think of poor me!” Jake added.

Katie laughed out loud. “Pooooor Jake!” she repeated. Then she turned around, facing away from everyone. She started rolling the top up again, until it reached her neck, and then in one smooth motion she pulled it off her head and tossed it away. For another few seconds, she kept dancing, her bare back to us, moving enough that we could get a glimpse of the sides of her naked breasts as they swayed side to side. Everyone was frozen, eyes wide open, staring intently at her.

Then she turned around, revealing her tits. The guys burst into cheers.

“There we go!” Trevor said.

“Oh, man, they’re even better than you guys said!” Jake said. He started applauding and the rest of the guys joined in.

Katie grinned, deeply blushing but I could tell that she was incredibly turned on. Her nipples were rock hard, and her eyes were bright with lust. She kept dancing, letting everyone feast their eyes on her naked breasts as much as they wanted.

“NOW will you dance?” she finally asked.

“Keep going!” Jake said.

“But I’m barely wearing anything!” Katie said.

Craig laughed. “But you still are!” Craig said.

Katie reached to the waistband of her shorts, then turned to me, almost expectantly. It suddenly occurred to me that this was the first time that night that she had sought my consent to do anything. The entire time I hadn’t really been a thought to her, but now that she was being asked to strip entirely naked, she apparently wanted to make sure I was okay with it.

I didn’t respond, since I wasn’t quite sure I wanted everyone to see my wife totally naked. But Katie must have taken my silence as consent, because reached to her shorts and popped open the buttons, until her shorts were open, revealing dark panties underneath.

I thought she may just take her shorts off and leave her underwear on, but as she started pulling down her shorts her panties caught on her fingers and slid down too. Either she didn’t notice or didn’t care, because she slid them all the way down to her ankles and stepped out of them.

The guys all cheered as my wife now stood in front of them completely naked. Everyone could now see her smooth stomach sloping down to her trimmed bush, her tanned legs and breasts, everything that should be only for my viewing was on complete display to them.

“Holy shit, Katie, you are amazing!” Trevor said.

“Ten out of ten! Ten out of ten!” Craig said. Jake just kept applauding.

Katie giggled embarrassedly. “Come on, dance with me!” she said.

Now all the guys got up to dance. I felt that I should join in, if only to make sure that nothing got out of hand. Unfortunately I didn’t realize how drunk I had become, and as I stood up I lost my balance and stumbled and fell, hitting my head on the trunk I was sitting on.

The next thing I remember was being in my tent. I could her Katie saying, “Baby, are you okay?” Then someone saying, “He’s okay, just a bump. It’s mostly the booze.” Then I went black again.

At some point late in the night, I regained consciousness after hearing rustling and noises. At first I thought I was dreaming, but slowly I began realizing that I was awake, and had a splitting hangover. Next to me was quiet moaning. Was it me? I thought at first, but then realized it was pleasure moaning.

I slowly opened my eyes. Katie was next to me, on all fours, naked. She was the one moaning. Behind her was Trevor, also naked, pumping his cock into her. She was squealing and moaning with each thrust, her tits swinging wildly.

“Oh, fuck, Katie, you’re still so fucking tight,” he said.

“Shhhhh…” she hissed, even though she was making much more noise. “My husband is right here.”

“That’s so hot,” he whispered. “I’m fucking you right in front of your husband…”

“This is so wrong…” my wife sighed. “I’m such a slut…”

Trevor groaned. “I can’t believe I’m fucking you…we talked all weekend about how we wanted to fuck you…”

Katie groaned as loud as she could while still trying to be quiet. “What did you say about me?”

“We talked about your big perfect tits…” Trevor reached down and cupped my wife’s bare tits in his hand, kneading them and pinching her pink nipples. “Oh fuck you’ve got the best tits…”

“I was so embarrassed when you saw them…” she moaned.

“When your top fell down in the lake? And I saw your naked tits?” he groaned.

“Yes yes yes, oh god, yes, you saw my naked tits! Right in front of my husband and you saw my naked tits!” Katie groaned. “I was so embarrassed…and now I’ve fucked all of you…”

Trevor groaned so loudly that Katie looked fearfully at me. But my eyes were closed enough that she must have been reassured that I was really asleep.

“I was so embarrassed before, and now all of your cocks have been inside me…”

“Not Craig…” Trevor said. “Craig didn’t get to fuck you…”

“I’ll fuck him right now!” Katie said. “I’ll go outside and I’ll fuck him and suck you off and fuck you all again…”

Trevor started pumping harder and harder into Katie. “Oh yes yes yes I’m gonna cum I’m gonna cum in you again!”

“UHHHHHHH yes yes yes!” Katie cried out, and it sounded like she was coming herself as Trevor grabbed her hips and stiffened up. “Oooohhh you’re cumming in me I can feel you cumming!”

“Oh Katie I’m cumming in you, I’m cumming in you!” Trevor cried out, and let out a long satisfied moan.

The two of them paused there for a moment, still in doggy-style position, panting heavily. Then Katie whispered, “Come on, let’s go wake up Craig.”

I closed my eyes shut again as they left the tent. When they were gone, I sat up quietly. What had just happened? Did I really just see my wife fucking another man? What were they talking about her fucking all of them? I was so disoriented that I half believed it was a dream. I laid back down again, and the drunkenness put me to back to sleep.

The next morning, when I woke up, Katie was already up and showered and dressed.

“Hey, sleepy head!” she said. Her voice was very nervous, and she sounded like she was trying to act normal. “You got so drunk last night you passed out! The guys left earlier this morning, they said to tell you goodbye!”

“What did you do after I passed out?” I asked.

“Oh, I just went to bed with you, it was late!” Katie said. “Let’s get ready to go, huh?”

“Katie, I woke up last night and saw you with Trevor,” I said to her flatly.

She suddenly went quiet, and for a second I thought maybe I really had dreamed it, but then she suddenly burst into tears.

“Oh honey, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry!” she sobbed. She fell into my arms sobbing. “It all happened to fast. They made me feel so sexy and everything just seemed so fun and anonymous and I went too far and I’m such a slut I don’t know what happened!”

I let her blubber on for a few seconds, then told her it was okay, and that I just wanted her to tell me the full truth of what happened last night. She nodded, wiped away her tears, and started talking.

Apparently, after I had been put to bed, Katie and the rest of the guys kept dancing, although it was more Katie dancing while the guys swayed and watched her. The intense attention, along with all the alcohol, started to turn Katie on intensely. “I’ve never felt that before, being totally naked and having all these guys staring at me. It just got me so hot…”

“So we keep dancing, and I can see how hard they all are, and I’m so confused, because I’m married and I knew it was wrong but I wanted to see and feel their dicks so bad, all of them at once, and I was getting so wet I was worried they would all be able to tell.

“Finally Jake says, ‘your breasts are so perfect, I can’t believe they’re real,’ and I know what he was trying to do, so I said ‘feel for yourself!’ And I pushed out my chest so he could feel them.”

I tried to imagine how this looked, with my naked wife thrusting her chest out to a group of men

“So he grabbed my boobs and started groping them, and I closed my eyes and moaned a little bit. And I think that set everything off. Before I knew it, Jake was kissing me and his hands were all over me.”

Jake and Katie began making out ferociously, and Katie’s hands went straight to his dick, groping it through his flimsy shorts. Jake groaned and began showering kisses on Katie’s neck, which drives her crazy. She started pumping his dick through his shorts for another minute, before, she said, “I finally just had to feel it. I had seen it on the beach and in the shower, and it had looked so big and it felt so thick through his shorts…I guess I was just desperate to have it in my hand. So I just grabbed the waistband of his shorts and pulled them down enough for his dick to pop out.

“Oh, honey, I’m so sorry. I haven’t felt another man’s penis since we got married, and it felt so good. He was so big and hard and I just couldn’t get enough of it…”

Katie pumped Jake’s cock while the two of them made out. He slipped his hand down on her mound and started stroking her clit, and then slid a finger into my wife’s pussy. In her haze, she briefly noticed that the other two guys were just watching the two of them attack each other, but then returned her attention to Jake, stroking his shaft while he fingered her.

Katie started tearing up again as she said what happened next. “I was still thinking by this point that maybe I would just jerk him and the other two off, or maybe just be a bitch and leave right there and go back to the tent, but before I could make a decision, Jake suddenly grabbed me by the waist and lifted me up off the ground. I’ve never been just picked up like that, he was so big and strong that it didn’t seem like anything to him. I was so startled that I just wrapped my legs around his waist, and…and he just sort of slid into me.”

She started crying again. “Baby, please forgive me! I didn’t mean for it to happen, it was so sudden, and before I knew it, he was inside me. And it felt so good I just couldn’t stop after that.” I waited for her to finish crying and asked for her to continue.

Once Jake had pushed himself into my wife’s cunt, he started bouncing Katie up and down on his cock, like a doll he was using to get off. Katie started feeling an orgasm coming, but before she could feel it, Jake started gasping, “I’m going to cum!”

Drunk as she was, Katie at least had the presence of mind to shout, “No! Not in me, don’t cum inside me!”

Jake pulled her off of his dick and onto her feet just in time. She dropped to her knees and wrapped her lips around his pulsing cock just in time to feel him start shooting his load into her mouth. She pumped his shaft and sucked on his head, milking every shot from his dick, swallowing his cum as he groaned and grabbed her hair.

For a few seconds, there was total silence as my naked wife sat on her knees, Jake’s softening cock in her mouth, with two other guys watching the whole thing. Then Jake blurted out, laughing, “oh, man, that was close!”

“Jesus, that was like a porno!” Craig said. “You two are experts!”

Katie giggled through the embarrassment. She pulled her mouth off of Jake’s cock and leaned back, resting on her hands, with her knees spread out, her tits jiggling as she panted from all the exertion. She smiled widely at the two guys.

“Not quite, he didn’t let me cum!” she said.

“Oi, Jake, how could you?” Trevor said.

“I know, I know, look at her, she’s too hot!” Jake protested. Everyone laughed.

“I’ll fix it,” Trevor said, and walked over to Katie.

“My hero!” Katie grinned, before Trevor was on top of her, pushing his tongue into her mouth. At first she resisted, since she had just swallowed Jake’s cum, but Trevor didn’t seem to care and Katie quickly opened her mouth to let his tongue in. They made out as Katie fumbled with his shorts, pulling them down.

As soon as his cock was free, Trevor slammed it into Katie’s cunt. It slid in fast and easy, after the fucking she had gotten from Jake, and Katie squealed from the sudden rush of sensation. Trevor raised himself up on his hands and started pounding into her.

“Oh, fuck, you’re so tight!” he said, staring straight into her eyes.

Katie stared straight back. “Uhhhh, you’re so big! Oh, fuck, you’re filling me up!”

“Have you done this before?” Trevor said. “Have you ever danced naked in front of a bunch of guys and fucked them while they watched you?”

Katie moaned at the dirty talk. “No-ohhhh, no! I’ve never done anything like this! Keep fucking me!”

“Never done what? What have you never done?” Trevor demanded. He leaned down and roughly sucked her nipple into her mouth, making Katie gasp.

“I’ve never-oh!-fucked three guys at once…oooh! Never had…three guys see me naked and danced for them and fucked their big dicks ohhhh!”

Trevor grunted and kept pumping into Katie. “Do you like us seeing you naked? Seeing your tits and ass bouncing around for us?”

The wild fucking and dirty talk was driving Katie to the edge. “Yes! I wanted you all to see me naked…to see my tits and my ass and to see me dancing…” Katie shivered with intense pleasure..

“I can’t believe you’ve all seen me naked! I’m a good girl and I’m married and I just met you guys and now you’ve all seen me naked and you’re all fucking me you’re fucking me and groping me ohhhhhh god!” Katie exploded into an orgasm, so intense that she thought she was going to pass out.

As she came down, she felt Trevor still pounding into her. “Oh, fuck, that was so good, I’ve never cum so hard,” she panted.

“Can I keep going?” Trevor said.

“Yes, oh fuck, yes, keep fucking me with that huge dick!”

Katie turned to Craig, who was now naked himself and stroking his dick. “Come here!” she almost demanded to him.

Craig ran over and kneeled down next to Katie’s head as Trevor leaned back on his legs. Craig was so hard that he had to almost lean over Katie, and he pushed his cock against he lips. She opened her mouth and let him slide in.

When Katie told me this, I could barely believe it. My beautiful innocent wife, who had never done so much as spanking, was sucking off a guy while being fucked by another man, right after she had fucked a third guy.

The way Trevor was bouncing her, it was hard for Katie to get into a rhythm giving Craig a blowjob, but it apparently didn’t matter. Craig furiously pawed and pinched her bouncing tits as she sucked on his cock, and after just a minute he started breathing heavily. “Oh shit, I’m gonna cum, can I cum in your mouth?”

Katie barely had time to nod before Craig let out a huge groan and she felt his cum start spurting into her mouth. She sucked harder, trying not to let her gag reflex kick in as load after load went down her throat.

Craig pulled out and sank back on his knees, spent. Katie swallowed the last of his cum and turned her attention back to Trevor’s vigorous pounding, and could feel herself about to cum again. “Oh, Trevor, you’re soooo good!” she gasped. “I love your big cock!”

Trevor suddenly started to groan. “Katie, I’m gonna cum, where should I cum?”

“No, wait, I’m so close!” Katie panted.

“I don’t know if I can hold off!” Trevor said.

“Hold on, hold on, oh god, hold on…” Katie groaned, as her orgasm began to build.

Trevor slowed down a little bit, then began to speed up his thrusts. “I don’t think I can, I can’t!”

“Cum inside me, just keep fucking me!” Katie moaned.

“…you want me to cum inside you?”

“Yes! Yes, I don’t care just keep fucking me oooooh god keep fucking me!” Katie screamed.

Trevor grabbed Katie’s hips and lost control. “Oh fuck FUCK I’m cumming!” he yelled. “Katie I’m cumming inside you!”

Katie felt Trevor’s cock pulsing inside her, shooting spurt after spurt of cum into her pussy. That finally sent her over the edge. “OOOOHHHHHHH you’re shooting inside me, I can feel you cumming in me!” she screamed, and once again had an earth-shattering orgasm.

The two of them rode each other through the orgasm until Trevor collapsed on the ground next to her in exhaustion. For a few minutes, Katie and the three guys laid there quietly panting. Finally, Katie staggered to her feet.

“Let’s go for a swim,” she said, and stumbled over into the lake. Jake followed her into the water.

Katie was still drunk but was now sober enough to realize just what she had done.

“Do you think I’m a slut?” she asked Jake, her voice shaking.

“What? No, babe! This was just a fun night? Did you have fun?” he said.

She nodded. “Uh huh…” she said. She was still spinning from her two orgasms.

“This was the most fun I’ve ever had,” he said. “I’m going to remember this night for the rest of my life and think of you as the most fun and awesome girl I’ve ever known!”

She smiled. He seemed to be sincere, and Australians were probably more free with sexual mores, so what was the harm, she reasoned. Jake’s reassurance had set her at ease. She glanced over at his muscular torso, and looked down at his semi-hard cock, hanging heavily over his balls.

“I’ve never fucked anyone the way you fucked me,” she said, gazing dreamily at Jake’s dick. “Didn’t you get tired?”

“With a bird as light as you? No way,” he said. His cock began to rise under her attention, and she noticed.

“…do you think you can do it again?” she asked.


Katie stood up and jumped into Jake’s arms, wrapping her legs around his waist, and once again slid down onto his cock. This time they fucked for a while, Jake trying to show off how long he could hold her standing up.

“Oohhh god, I’m going to cum again…” he said.

She whispered into her ear. “Do you want to come inside me this time? You can come in my pussy if you want…”

“Oh fuck that’s so hot hearing you say that!” he whispered back.

“Cum inside my pussy,” she whispered again. “Shoot your cum into my married cunt!” Katie couldn’t believe she was egging him on like this, using her marriage as sex talk.

“Oh god you want me to cum in your cunt?” Trevor panted.

“Yes yes, cum in my cunt like Trevor did, cum inside me!”

Jake groaned and started shooting his load into Katie. She didn’t reach an orgasm herself, but feeling him spurt inside her felt wrong in such a delicious way, which she couldn’t understand but wanted more of.

After Jake put her down, the two of them stumbled back to Trevor and Craig, who were so exhausted that they were already half-asleep. Katie crawled into our tent where I was passed out, and laid down next to me, still naked and wet from the lake, and fell asleep.

At some point in the night, Trevor snuck into the tent and fondled her until she woke up. They fucked again, which was what I had witnessed in my hungover and concussed state.

After they snuck out of the tent, they walked over to where Craig and Jake were splayed out, sleeping from where Katie had left them earlier. Katie knelt over Craig and started rubbing his cock, which quickly woke him up. He turned over to see Katie kneeling over him, her naked plump tits dangling right above his face.

“Do you want to fuck me?” she whispered. Craig immediately pulled her onto him, causing her to squeal in surprise. In a second he had his cock pushed up inside her and she was riding him hard. Unlike Trevor, Craig fucked her silently, using his mouth just to bite and suck on her tits. Before she could build up another orgasm, he groaned and she felt him spurting his cum into her. It was the fourth load she had taken in her cunt that night.

“I don’t remember much after that…” she said. “I think I fell asleep, I was still kind of drunk and now I was so tired. Honey, if you want to talk about a divorce, I-“

I clasped my hand over her mouth and shoved her to the ground. She gave a surprised, muffled squeal as I forcefully yanked her shorts down her legs. My cock was rock-hard and I wasted no time pushing it in her. She gasped at the sudden entry.

I started thrusting into her. “Tell me again how they fucked you,” I hissed.

“Ohhhh! They fucked me so good! Oh-OOH! Their dicks were so big and they were so deep in me!”

We fucked like that all day, sometimes in the tent, other times outside. We ended up staying another day just to fuck and missing a day of work.

Since then, we recount the story during sex. Sometimes Katie changes the story. Sometimes she says she snuck out in the morning and gave Craig a goodbye blowjob because he only got to fuck her once, sometimes she says she stayed out of the tent and fucked Jake and Trevor again. One time she said that Trevor even slipped his cock into her ass. I’m not quite sure what’s truth and what’s fictional anymore, but I can’t wait to go camping again.

They were finally alone

So my husband and I have not had a great sex life for years. I’ve always been attracted to my best friend’s husband, and for the past little while he’s been a huge comfort to me. This is what happened the last time they came to visit…


They were finally alone. The other two had gone to bed a little while before, and they sat on the couch, both acting as if everything was normal. She felt like the air between them was electric. It had been so long since she had felt his hands on her, and she craved his touch.

Finally, she got up the courage to ask, “do you think you could massage my lower back a little? It’s sore like all the time these days.” She chuckled nervously. He agreed. The moment his hands touched her back she felt her nipples harden, she looked down and could see them poking through her thin shirt. As he slowly rubbed and kneaded her back, his touch brought back a flood of memories associated with him. The first time he had massaged her neck, the moment on the couch in the basement when he’d made her cum (the first time anyone had done that for her in about ten years), the moment in the hotel room where she’d finally been able to taste him… All of these things came back to her and she relived them as he innocently rubbed her back. She closed her eyes and gave in to the pleasure he was giving her. As she did so, she felt herself growing wet, something he’s always been able to do to her.

She shifted her body slightly and he moved one leg up on the couch behind her. Both keeping one eye out for the sensor light that would warn of someone coming, they continued in this was for a while, enjoying this moment of sensuality. She longed for him to explore further. Her back began to arch and her hips thrusted involuntarily as her body begged him for more. Seemingly unaware of what she was doing, she began gently massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples. He’d always had this amazing ability to make her so hot, she felt like her skin was on fire.

He slipped his hands under her top. She stifled a moan and in her mind screamed out with wanting. Her lust for him was almost unbearable. She wanted to feel if he was hard for her. She shifted slightly backwards and found that he was. When she felt his desire, hard as a rock pressed up against her back, there was another instant gush of wetness. Her slick pussy seemed to be begging for his huge shaft to slide right in. Fill me up slowly, it seemed to say, I’m not sure if you can fit all the way, but I’ll make it easy for you to try.

She moved her hands to his upper thighs, bracing herself so she could slowly grind up against him. She seemed unable to help herself at this point, so full of desire she might explode at any moment. Finally giving into temptation he moved his hands slowly to her front, getting closer and closer until he was finally massaging her large breasts. The teasing was agony. She heard her breath heavy and hot, and she felt his quicken slightly as he breathed on her neck.

This was too much to bear. God she wanted him so bad it seemed set her whole body on fire. She reached down the front of her little shorts, and began rubbing herself through her soaking wet panties. As she did so, she felt his hardness flex a little more, and instinctively she reached behind her with her other hand and began stroking him through his thin pants. His hips thrusted forward in response, and she heard him start to breathe heavier and swallow as he pressed himself closer to her.

At this point she wanted so much more, but wasn’t sure how far she dared to go. She imagined herself being pinned roughly against the wall by him, taken from behind as he repeatedly thrusted his hard cock into her dripping lips. The next moment, she thought about how much she wanted to taste him again. She licked her lips as she thought of his delicious cum. Fuck she wanted to take him in her mouth and suck him, licking all over and not wasting a single sweet drop.

Maybe that they could risk. They had the blanket there, ready to cover up quickly if they heard any noise. He didn’t even need to pull his pants down, she could just shift them slightly and pull him out a little. She moved a little around so she was half facing him. She pulled out the blanket to get it ready and asked him, “please will you let me taste you again? We can be really careful. We can can go fast.” He hesitated only a moment, and pulled himself out. Again she felt the familiar wetness as she was able to put him in her mouth. God he tasted just as incredible as she remembered. She seemed to devour him. Fitting as much as she could in her mouth and throat, she covered the rest of his massive shaft with her hand. Sucking and stroking at the same time, she felt him pulse with desperate eagerness.

He reached down the front of her shorts and moved her sopping panties to the side. His fingers slipped inside her almost of their own accord, and he began massaging her inside, matching her rhythm. As much as they both wanted it to last forever, they were fervent in their desire, and hyper aware of finishing quickly. His creamy fingers pulled out as he began frantically rubbing her hard clit. In response to this new level of pleasure, she took even more of him into her mouth, greedily plunging him deeper and deeper down her throat. She moaned quietly with pleasure, sucking ever harder and faster. Then the words she’d been waiting for, “fuck I’m gonna go, I’m going to cum” he breathed. “Mmm hmm” she moaned hungrily with his hard cock still in her mouth.

And then she felt it. His sweet, sweet cum coating the back of her throat. And as she tasted him and felt his hand on her wet pussy, she let herself go and came at the same time. Her pace slowed. She stoked him a few more times, careful to draw out and devour every last drop.

They both sighed and relaxed, hastily covering up and moving everything back in place. She leaned on him for a few moments, recovering her breath and slowing her racing heart. She knew this rare treat was not likely to happen again soon, if ever, but she also knew she’d be able to relive this moment over and over again in the months to come, and for that she was grateful.