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Once at our place, they both seemed awkward again and I could tell it was up to me to get things going. I started kissing my wife then took off her top. She had a very sexy bra I lowered to expose her tits. I started licking kissing and sucking one of her nipples, then told Jerry the other nipple looked lonely. He didn’t hesitate. He was on the other side of her loving on her nipple and his hand was under her skirt. I watched her legs spread after he removed her panties. He then got between her legs and started licking and sucking her pussy, “you have sexy huge pussy lips just like I heard about.” My wife moaned saying she’s always been embarrassed about how big they are. “I have something big for them,” Jerry said. We all laughed. My wife then said, “Let’s see it, I wanna see this cock I’ve heard about.” Jerry stood, his cock was bugling in his jeans and he pulled off his jeans and boxers his cock sprang up and down. Wife’s mouth dropped open and her eyes got huge. “OMG THATS A HUGE FUCKING COCK,” my wife said. Her response was just like mine, it was priceless. Her hand was quick to reach out and grip his cock, her fingers couldn’t touch, she said giggling. My wife was like a porn queen slut going crazy sucking his cock, I figured it would be best to sit back and let them enjoy each other and watch. Jerry took his time sucking and licking her pussy lips and clit till she climaxed then got between her legs. He knew I wanted to be close and watch her taking his cock and the expression on her face. He slapped his cock across her pussy and pressed it against her pussy lips shoving it in a couple inches making her moan and grunt. “Hey, let me get a lick in before you stretch her out.” We all laughed and I started sucking and licking her pussy. I could see his massive cock only a few inches from my face. He was obviously excited to fuck her and couldn’t wait. I was finishing up licking her clit when his cock started to move forward and entered her pussy. I started to raise up. He said, “you can lick her clit and I’ll fuck her.” I laughed saying, “next time I gotta see the look on her face taking your cock.” My wife pulled me to her and we started kissing, “thank you so much for loving me so much you would do this for me”. I told her I love her and to enjoy him. I told my friend to enjoy my wife and give her the best fuck he’s ever given any girl he’s ever fucked. I promise you I’ll enjoy fucking her and give her my best fucking ever. He started sliding inside her. Her mouth opened wide, she squeezed her eyes shut then opened them wide and her mouth opened wide as well. I was surprised his entire cock was inside her every thick long inch was inside her in just a couple minutes. … I expected it to take awhile she was grunting and moaning as he was sliding slowly in and out building his pace. Her hips started moving in rhythm with his and suddenly her body jolted and tensed up quivering. They held tight together my wife moaning and saying omg omg over and over her body jolting over and over. My wife screamed out over and over, “I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU,” and she started French kissing him. A rush of jealousy swept over my mind and body as they passionately made out her legs wrapped tightly around his back and his arms gripped around her tiny baby holding her close. Also the fact his 10 1/4” long cock that is on the thickest of man size cocks was buried inside her making her respond like this. The mixture of being turned on by it and knowing my wife and friend was enjoying each other swept through me. The jealousy eased and added to the turn on, their embrace was over 20 minutes and very passionate. They continued another event of him pounding her pussy harder this time, she was stretched out now. She took a rough pounding his cock viciously ramming in and out to another orgasm her crying as she professed loving him. Another passionate embrace lead to another when finally my friend squirted his third time inside my wife. She had already collapsed and he had been taking her after now, he pulled out his cock was dripping their mixture of cum. Her pussy no longer little was now gapped out hanging wide open filled with cum. It looked stretched out and worn out tired from the pounding he given it. Her pussy lips have always been very long and big, they where now swollen it looked so sexy. I started licking and sucking her pussy lips. She jolted, still very sensitive. I could taste the mixture of their cum in my mouth. It was intoxicating. I climb on top of her and slipped inside her easily, there wasn’t any friction. She smiled and we kissed. “He really stretched you out, I don’t feel you much,” I said. she giggled saying she couldn’t really feel me inside her. I said, “it’s ok, it’s worth seeing you feel so much pleasure.” She giggled saying the perks and pleasures for me enjoying a huge amazing cock. We slowly fucking making out, I felt her feet on my hips slowly pushing me on. I could see a hazy look in her eyes looking beyond me. I looked behind me, Jerry was standing there smiling, his cock was swollen rock hard. It looked thicker than ever before. He had a cock ring on making it swell the head of his cock looked like it was going to explode it was so full of blood. She had pushed me completely off of her she told me she loved me and begged Jerry to fuck her again. She giggled, “you’re even bigger now.” She was holding his cock shaking it like a little girl playing with a toy. I stood next to him she wanted to compare our cocks, a bit of embarrassment over came me as she giggled saying, “he’s so much bigger OMG LOOK HOW MUCH BIGGER HE ISN THAN YOU ARE NOW.” She slapped his cock across mine so hard over and over it started to hurt. I don’t know if it hurt him, neither of us complaining. The pain was mixed with pleasure and a bit of humiliation, something I realized I enjoyed, it was just fun watching her. She gripped his cock and said it feels heavy it’s so meaty. “Feel it,” she said to me, I desire to do so but a respect to see if it was ok with my friend to do. I looked at him, I didn’t know what to say. he just said, “it’s ok buddy go ahead.” I wrapped my hand around his cock. It felt very meaty like she said, my fingers couldn’t touch either. I do have small hands for a guy. I stroked his cock, it turned me on feeling what had just stretched out my wife leaving her gapping wide open, making her orgasm. My wife had never before had an orgasm during vaginal sex. I had given her many orally but like I would later ask and find out a thick cock during sex gives a better orgasm. I took my time stroking his cock feeling his balls. It didn’t feel gay just very intense like the whole situation. The only way to describe doing this is its very emotionally intimate and intense, you can’t describe the actual event as to how someone else is going to feel about it. My wife wanted his cock inside her again, begging me to have him fuck her again. I was more than excited to have him pleasure her again. He took her again this time even rougher making her orgasm again. She was in a bliss lost in their love making. I laid next to them fucking and would take my wife when he was done and recovering and she would push me off when she noticed he was ready for her again. It was an intake and amazing three days with only rest to eat, drink, and use the restroom we never put on clothing.

My first anal sex

I was in school and with a gf of the time Cassi. We were dating just about 10 months. It was school holidays and we planned to see each other as much as we could, although both our parents didn’t  want us home alone together. Well more my mom and her parents. My dad worked from home being an owner of a construction company so on Tuesday he said that cassi is welcome to come over for the day. While making plans her parents called mine and my dad assured them that he was going to be home doing paperwork the day.

The next morning her mom dropped her off just after 7 my dad meeting them at the door and letting cassi in. I came to say hello soon after. Her mom went off to work and my dad to the office to do his paper work. Not having breakfast yet I offered cassi bacon and eggs on toast. While we were busy eating my dad came down and asked me to make him a cup of coffee. He chatted to us for a while till he had finished his coffee and went back upstairs to the office. We soon headed to the lounge and watched movies, with my hand being in Cassi’s pants fingering her while she was playing with my cock.

Shortly before 10 as finishing the first movie I heard my dad walking down the stairs, he was on the phone shouting at someone, and didn’t seem in a good mood at all suddenly. He walked into the lounge tell me in an aggressive tone to pause the movie. He told us that he needed to go to site and was going to be out for 2 to 3 hours. He told cassi that she must just not tell her parents or the other choice was that we went with him. She quickly replied that she wouldn’t say anything. I walked him to his car and as he was leaving he said have fun but be careful. Saying I will as walking back in the house to the lounge.

Cassi stood up and gave me a passionate kiss. And we and we soon went to my room, which was right by the front gate and garage. Soon we were both naked and I was between her legs, eating her pussy while she laid down moaning as I made her cum. We didn’t have any condoms left as we used our last one at her friends house a few days earlier when we had sex there. Really wanting to fuck her and she feeling the same, I suggested why don’t we try anal. She replied hesitantly saying she guesses that’s our only option. After a few mins of discussing it we agreed to give it a try. We got bath oils and a towel, she first laid down on the edge of the bed with her legs over my shoulders.

I covered my finger in the oil and rubbed it around her opening to her ass. Slowly pushing it in and fingering her ass. She said it felt weird but was ok to continue. I kept adding more oil and soon entered another finger to loosen her up a bit more. I fingered her gently for a while before she said ok let’s try. We moved properly onto the bed and she guided my cock into her ass. I slowly pressed in. I laid in her motionlessly for a while as we just kissed giving her ass time to come use my dick. I started moving slowly back and forth as we stopped kissing, I asked if she was ok and she said yes, but wanted to on top. I pulled out and we changed around. She slowly lowered her ass onto my cock, as I entered her feeling the tightness of her once was Virgin ass. Soon I was altogether in her butt and she started riding back and forth. It wasn’t long till I exploded. Feeling my cock shooting my cum into her tight ass hole made me feel crazy. As I finished I asked her how it felt and if it hurt. She said it wasn’t bad and gave her a little pleasure. And didn’t hurt at all. I asked if we could try doggy anal and she said we can for a little while.

We moved to doggy and I entered my cock once more into her sexy tight ass. My cum covering my dick and lubing up her ass, I started fucking her in doggy as she moaned, she put her head down on the pillow and with one hand she started fingering her pussy, while I fucked her hard anally. She soon started moaning as she approached orgasmning her body tensed making her ass even tighter and I started shooting my cum into her once more, before pulling out.

We cleaned up and once done I told her that it was amazing. She said she couldn’t believe how quick I came both times. I told her it was from the tightness of sexy ass. I gave her a kiss and we went back to the lounge. She then mentioned she could feel that I was in her ass as it was now a little sore. But that she was ok. Soon my dad came back and it looked like we were still all innocent. Lol

Well that’s the story of my FIRST ANAL SEX