Marina Lee

    What is your height?:  170 cm

    Whats the one sexual thing you cant wait to try?:  I've already done all the sexual things I'm interested in at least once!

    What is your cup size?:  10B

    What is your star sign?:  Aquarius

    What day is your birthday?:  17th February

    Whats your favourite colour?:  Forest green

    Whats your favourite sex position?:  Doggy

    Whats the most kinky place you've had sex?:  Outside by a busy intersection

    Share your most embarrasing sexual moment?:  I'm not sure I have one - you can't take sex too seriously!

    What do you do on Sundays?:  Depends on the week, but you certainly won't find me at church!

    Give us all your best sex tip.:  You can never have enough lube!

    How did you orgasm for the first time?:  I lay in the bath and positioned the running water over my clit :)

    Have you ever tried anal and do you like it?:  Anal isn't really my thing

    Have you ever had a threesome and was it fun?:  I've had countless threesomes, they're my favourite.

    Alot of people want to experience more sexually, what advice would you give them?:  Go out, get on the dating apps, take chances, keep an open mind. I would also advocate for hiring a professional, especially if you're looking for something very particular!