Lulu Reynolds

    What is your height?:  5'7"

    Whats the one sexual thing you cant wait to try?:  A Sub/Dom relationship.

    What is your cup size?:  10B/C

    What is your star sign?:  Scorpio

    What day is your birthday?:  3rd of November

    Whats your favourite colour?:  Pink

    Whats your favourite sex position?:  Missionary

    Whats the most kinky place you've had sex?:  University Library

    What do you do on Sundays?:  Eat. Sleep. Masturbate. Repeat. The usual.

    Give us all your best sex tip.:  Listen to your partner and feel their responses, learn what each other enjoys most.

    Whats your fav body part and what makes is special?:  I love/hate every part of my body because it's mine but my absolute favourite has got to be my ass.

    How did you orgasm for the first time?:  Experimenting with make-shift toys.

    Have you ever tried anal and do you like it?:  Yes, anal is amazing with the right person.

    Have you ever had a threesome and was it fun?:  I always enjoy a good threesome! All of them memorable in their own way!

    Alot of people want to experience more sexually, what advice would you give them?:  Be open and judgement free. Find someone who you can experiment uninhibited.

    Want to meet me in person?:  View my escort profile


390 New Guy Tryout #1 Featuring: Lulu Reynolds
389 New Guy Tryout #1 Featuring: Lulu Reynolds
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