My first time giving head

This is a story about the first time I was fingered, and giving my first blow job.

I was in my early high school days and as most of the k**s then, I was becoming rather sexually active quickly. I met a guy Dylan he was a year older than me and we were soon dating. At this stage I was still a Virgin for almost everything, well everything except for kissing and having my boobs foundled. After dating a few months we found a spot at school, which was very quiet, we use to meet there in the mornings about 30 mins before school starts, and make out and chat in peace. On weekends we use to meet up as much as posible at the malls, having lunches, watching movies and enjoying each others company.

After a couple of months of dating it was a friday night, and I had organised with my parents to drop me off at the mall to watch movies with my friends, although actually it was to be with my bf. We had done this numerous of times over the last few weeks but on this occasion after greeting him with a kiss, he said let’s rather skip the movie, get a milkshake and walk around and chat. I thought it was rather a good idea. After getting milkshakes we walked through the mall holding each other while walking past looking through the shop windows, which were closed already. We soon got to the entrance/exit for the lower level shops, Dylan wanted to have a smoke so we went outside into the basement parking. While he smoked we continued walking and chatting and soon got to the staircases which lead either lower to more underground parking or back up to the restaurant and area for the movies.

He finished his smoke and then asked if I wanted to go down half a flight of stairs and make out as it was rather quiet here. Which I thought was a great idea. As reaching the middle of the flight of stairs, we turned to face each other and soon our lips met. As we kissed passionately he’s hands squeezing my tight ass, our tounges touching. He soon pulled away and leaned back against the wall, turned me around and pulled me into him so I was standing with my back against his chest. He started kissing my neck while lifting my top a little and running his hands over my belly. I could feel through his pants that his cock was hard, as it pressed against my ass. Soon his hands wondered lower, slowly going underneath my pants, his fingers ran through my pubic hair, as I hadn’t started shaving at this stage yet, till they reached my pussy. He started rubbing up and down my wet pussy, his finger gliding over my clit, as I moaned from the pleasure. I opened my legs slightly more and undid the button on my pants to give his hand a little more freedom, he went lower and soon entered his middle finger into my Virgin pussy.

I turned my head to kiss him while he rubbed my G spot, soon I started moaning as he gave me my first orgasm. My legs went weak, as I almost collapsed to the ground. He removed his hand and I turned around to kiss him, telling him that it felt amazing. I looked at the time afterwards and suggested we head back up as it was almost at my curfew time. We walked up to the top, I gave him a kiss goodbye saying thank you before going out to get in my stepdad’s car. He asked how the movie was, I acted and pretended that I saw one saying it was ok could have been better. Soon home and saying goodnight to my parents, I headed to my room.

Well laying in bed, Dylan and I texted each other chatting about him fingering me and asking if I enjoyed it etc, which I did and I suddenly felt horny again. I decided to rub myself, my pussy was wet and slippery and became more so as I fingered myself. I soon bit onto my pillow as I couldn’t not moan as I brought myself to orgasm again, Before going to sl**p. The next morning I woke up and joined my mom and stepdad for breakfast. Finding out that there were no plans for the day I said I was going to go to my room have a shower and do my homework.

Once in my room and naked, I looked in the mirror, noticing my pubic hairs, after a little thinking I decided I was going trim them as short as possible and see how it would look. I got my scissors out my school bag and hopped into the shower. I trimmed my hairs as short as possible and once done showering looking in the mirror again I much preferred the way it looked and felt. Soon it was Monday and Dylan and I met in our quiet spot at school. We kissed and chatted as we normally did. It was a busy week and the days flew by. Before I knew it, it was Saturday afternoon and I had discussed with my f****y that I was meeting with my friends for movies. I obviously met up with Dylan again. And again we skipped movies, got milkshakes and headed to the spot at the staircase in the basement.

It wasn’t long after we started making out that his hands wondered down my pants, telling me that my pussy felt amazing with less hair on it. He fingered me, rubbing up and down my my clit, bringing me to orgasm. Once catching my breath he asked me if I would give him a blowjob. Being rather nervous and caught totally off guard I replied saying that I can try. He told me it’s not that difficult as he unzipped his pants and took his hard cock out. I kneeled down placing my one hand around the shaft of his cock, moving my head forward soon my mouth over his head. I sucked back and forth on his dick while his hands were on my shoulders. While I was sucking him he said that he hopes it’s ok if he came in my mouth. Not really having much of a choice (well it seemed that way to me) he soon started moaning as I sucked away on his dick, his hand soon squeezed my shoulder and his cum started shooting into my mouth, I stopped moving back and forth stopping, keeping only the head of his cock in my mouth, he quickly gripped his cock and jerked himself to finish his whole load into my mouth. After he had finished in my mouth, and removing his cock,  me being ladylike and not wanting to spit, I swallowed his cum. This made me very nauseous as it tasted really weird.

Nevertheless he was satisfied and happy giving me a passionate kiss saying thank you. Before we went back up stairs….

I sure did enjoy my first time being fingered and my first orgasm. I soon started shaving after that as well. I much preferred the smoother look and feel to my pussy.
However I really didn’t enjoy the taste of cum, and still don’t although I learnt how to deal with it.

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